Threaded Protection Plugs

Threaded Protection Plugs

Easy-to-grip head. Thread ensures secure fit. Excellent protection from dirt, moisture and corrosion. Widely used in hydraulic, pneumatic and general engineering industries.

best.nummerThreadH(mm)D(mm)h(mm)stycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
12011M8x114,312,39,55000 pc2,2 kr2,6 kr
12012M10x114,615,310,45000 pc1,7 kr4 kr
12013M12x116,718,510,75000 pc2,5 kr3,4 kr
12017*M12x1,516,316,78,72500 pc2,5 kr4,2 kr
12018*M14x1,517,218,59,55000 pc2,5 kr3,9 kr
12019M16x1,517,22212,53000 pc2,6 kr3,5 kr
10458M18x1,518,324,413,74000 pc2,6 kr4,4 kr
12020M20x1,518,226,3143000 pc2,8 kr4,6 kr
10128M22x1,518,328,213,73000 pc2,5 kr3,4 kr
12021M24x1,518,531,313,82000 pc2,3 kr3,7 kr
12022M25x1,518,531,3142500 pc4 kr6,5 kr
12023M26x1,518,732,713,82000 pc2,5 kr4 kr
12030M52x1,521,563,715,5500 pc10 kr16 kr

* Hexagonal head

best.nummerFor threadmåttstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
104985/16"x181214,57,450002,2 kr2,6 kr
107095/16"x2412,314,87,450002,2 kr2,6 kr
106923/8x241413,79,550001,4 kr2,3 kr
107637/16"x2016,117,41150002,2 kr2,5 kr
120317/16"x2412,117,87,150002,2 kr2,5 kr
106961/2"x2015,318,510,550001,4 kr2,3 kr
106689/16"x1815,422,610,750002,2 kr3,7 kr
120339/16"x2413,618,6950001,7 kr2,6 kr
109405/8"x1814,8211050002,5 kr3,4 kr
129655/8"x2414,820,71050002,5 kr3,4 kr
1278611/16"x1618,125,613,530002,6 kr3,7 kr
105753/4"x1618,72713,830002,4 kr3,8 kr
1282713/16"x1618,126,713,525002,6 kr4,2 kr
103267/8"x1418,528,813,625002,8 kr4,6 kr
127851"x1417,83213,220002,6 kr3,5 kr
104601 1/16"x1218,433,413,820002,4 kr3,8 kr
123591 1/16"x1418,333,313,720003,2 kr5,3 kr
115061 3/16"x1218,336,813,515002,4 kr3,9 kr
106711 5/16"x1216,339,31115002,4 kr3,8 kr
117521 5/8"x1217,350,612,98007,8 kr13 kr
1203813/4"x1219,753,213,85007,4 kr12 kr
117551 7/8"x1222,558,416,74009,5 kr16 kr
120402 1/8"x1220,673,61530013 kr22 kr

best.nummerFor threadmåttstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
106511/8"x2810,516,44,250001,4 kr2,2 kr
105881/4"x1912,818,86,550001,5 kr2,4 kr
109963/8"x191222,95,550002,2 kr2,6 kr
105901/2"x1417,32810,330002,3 kr3,7 kr
105115/8"x1418,431,313,925002,5 kr4 kr
107313/4"x141732,31120002,8 kr4,6 kr
114297/8"x1418,13813,515004 kr6,5 kr
108101"x1116,939,810,815002,6 kr4,4 kr
104591 1/4"x1120,949,9158008,2 kr13 kr
112421 1/2"x1116,955,210,86008,6 kr14 kr
104962"x1117,573,710,740010 kr17 kr
103193"x1116,510511,315018 kr29 kr

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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