Moss Caps

Moss Caps

Black PVC or Green Vinyl. Highly resistant to shredding. Excellent for threaded applications. Green vinyl can be used with oil and grease applications.

best.nummercolor, materialmåttstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
12696Black PVC523,510000 pc1,7 kr2,5 kr
12697Black PVC62510000 pc1,7 kr2,5 kr
12698Black PVC7245000 pc1,7 kr3,2 kr
12699Black PVC824,58000 pc2,5 kr3,2 kr
12700Black PVC9253500 pc1,1 kr1,9 kr
12701Black PVC1029,52500 pc2,2 kr4 kr
12702Black PVC11294500 pc1,7 kr2,8 kr
12703Black PVC12294000 pc1,6 kr3,1 kr
12704Black PVC13293500 pc2,5 kr6,1 kr
12705Black PVC14291500 pc1,7 kr4 kr
12706Black PVC1529,52500 pc2,2 kr2,9 kr
12707Black PVC16282500 pc2,5 kr4 kr
12708Black PVC1729,52000 pc2,2 kr4,3 kr
12709Black PVC1828,52000 pc6,1 kr6,7 kr
12710Black PVC1929,52000 pc3,1 kr6 kr
12711Black PVC2028,51600 pc4 kr6,5 kr
12712Black PVC2134,51300 pc2,9 kr4,6 kr
12713Black PVC22341200 pc6 kr8,2 kr
12714Black PVC2334,51000 pc6,5 kr11 kr
12715Black PVC24341000 pc5,8 kr9,5 kr
12716Black PVC2534,51000 pc5,1 kr8,4 kr
12717Black PVC2634,5900 pc5,6 kr9,2 kr
12718Black PVC2733,5900 pc5,6 kr9,2 kr
12719Black PVC2833,5800 pc5,7 kr9,3 kr
12720Black PVC2935800 pc7,2 kr12 kr
12721Black PVC3034,5600 pc6,1 kr5,6 kr
12226Green Vinyl523,510000 pc1,1 kr2,2 kr
12227Green Vinyl62510000 pc1,3 kr2,2 kr
12228Green Vinyl7245000 pc1,7 kr2,3 kr
12229Green Vinyl824,58000 pc1,9 kr3,2 kr
12230Green Vinyl9253500 pc1,5 kr2,4 kr
12231Green Vinyl1029,52500 pc2,5 kr4,7 kr
12232Green Vinyl11294500 pc1,9 kr3,1 kr
12233Green Vinyl12294000 pc1,9 kr3,1 kr
12234Green Vinyl13293500 pc1,9 kr3,2 kr
12235Green Vinyl14291500 pc2,5 kr6,1 kr
12236Green Vinyl1529,52500 pc4,7 kr9,4 kr
12237Green Vinyl16282500 pc2,5 kr4 kr
12238Green Vinyl1729,52000 pc3,1 kr4,3 kr
12239Green Vinyl1828,52000 pc6,1 kr8,3 kr
12240Green Vinyl1929,52000 pc3,6 kr6,1 kr
12241Green Vinyl2028,51600 pc4,3 kr5,8 kr
12242Green Vinyl2134,51300 pc6,1 kr5,7 kr
12243Green Vinyl22341200 pc5,9 kr9,6 kr
12244Green Vinyl2334,51000 pc6,4 kr11 kr
12245Green Vinyl24341000 pc6 kr9,8 kr
12246Green Vinyl2534,51000 pc5,8 kr9,4 kr
12247Green Vinyl2634,5900 pc11 kr14 kr
12248Green Vinyl2733,5900 pc9,1 kr15 kr
12249Green Vinyl2833,5800 pc8,2 kr13 kr
12250Green Vinyl2935800 pc8,2 kr13 kr
12251Green Vinyl3034,5600 pc4 kr6,5 kr

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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