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Driveshaft Protection Caps

Driveshaft Protection Caps

Typ 1 - Yellow LDPE. Protection and masking of driveshaft as well as the surrounding bearings. Fit driveshafts to DIN 748, IEC 600-72 and ISO R775.

Yellow LDPE
best.nummerTo fit Metric Diameter ddimensionerst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
467003914,525500 pc3,6 SEK5,7 SEK
467004101630500 pc2,5 SEK4,1 SEK
4670051117,530500 pc2,5 SEK5 SEK
4670061422,535500 pc3,5 SEK5,7 SEK
4670071525,535500 pc3,6 SEK5,8 SEK
4670081625,550500 pc4,1 SEK6,8 SEK
4670091930,550400 pc6,3 SEK7,3 SEK
467010203260250 pc5,1 SEK8,4 SEK
4670112235,560250 pc5,4 SEK8,9 SEK
4670122438,560200 pc5,8 SEK9,5 SEK
467013254070200 pc6,3 SEK8,6 SEK
467014284570150 pc6,7 SEK9,2 SEK
467015304895100 pc8,9 SEK15 SEK
467016325195100 pc9,3 SEK15 SEK
467017355695100 pc11 SEK18 SEK
467018386195100 pc9,7 SEK16 SEK
467019426713075 pc15 SEK25 SEK
467020457213050 pc16 SEK27 SEK
4670214877130100 pc18 SEK35 SEK
4670225588130100 pc17 SEK28 SEK
467023609616575 pc22 SEK43 SEK
4670246510416575 pc24 SEK39 SEK
4670257010816575 pc25 SEK41 SEK
4670267511216575 pc33 SEK54 SEK

Typ 2 -Yellow Flexible PVC. Resistant to rearing, splitting, oil and most chemicals. Fit driveshafts to DIN 748, IEC 600-72 and ISO R775

best.nummerTo fit Metric Diameter ddimensionerst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
SPWJ-0999501500 pc2,1 SEK3,4 SEK
SPWJ-101010501500 pc2,1 SEK3,4 SEK
SPWJ-111111501500 pc2,8 SEK4,6 SEK
SPWJ-141414501500 pc2,8 SEK4,7 SEK
SPWJ-151515501000 pc3,8 SEK6,3 SEK
SPWJ-161616601000 pc4,2 SEK7 SEK
SPWJ-191919601000 pc3,9 SEK6,3 SEK
SPWJ-202020601000 pc4,1 SEK6,7 SEK
SPWJ-22222270750 pc4,5 SEK8,8 SEK
SPWJ-24242470750 pc4,5 SEK8,8 SEK
SPWJ-25252570500 pc5 SEK8,3 SEK
SPWJ-28282880500 pc7 SEK11 SEK
SPWJ-30303080400 pc6,3 SEK10 SEK
SPWJ-323232100250 pc8,8 SEK15 SEK
SPWJ-353535100200 pc9,5 SEK16 SEK
SPWJ-383838100200 pc8,6 SEK14 SEK
SPWJ-424242130150 pc20 SEK32 SEK
SPWJ-454545130150 pc26 SEK43 SEK
SPWJ-484848130100 pc35 SEK48 SEK
SPWJ-555555130100 pc24 SEK40 SEK
SPWJ-606060140100 pc37 SEK61 SEK
SPWJ-656565140100 pc35 SEK57 SEK
SPWJ-707070140100 pc38 SEK62 SEK
SPWJ-757575140100 pc57 SEK89 SEK

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