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Quick-Fit/Quick-Release Caps

Quick-Fit/Quick-Release Caps

Quick fitting and removal. Simple tear-away tab for quick release.

BSP, Yellow LDPE
best.nummerThreaddimensionerst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
103511/4"x19111310000 pc0,42 SEK0,67 SEK
104923/8"x1912165000 pc0,46 SEK0,92 SEK
10308*1/2"x141521,24000 pc0,92 SEK1,5 SEK
12373*@5/8"x1418,5233000 pc1,1 SEK1,8 SEK
107013/4"x1423,826,31500 pc1 SEK1,7 SEK
12375*7/8"x142529,51500 pc1,9 SEK2,6 SEK
12376*1x1118341500 pc1,8 SEK3 SEK
best.nummerThreaddimensionerst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
18390*3/8"x2411,19,24000 pc0,71 SEK0,8 SEK
18304*7/16"x2011,7115000 pc0,42 SEK0,71 SEK
183051/2"x2011,712,45000 pc0,71 SEK1 SEK
18306*9/16"x1812,1145000 pc0,67 SEK0,92 SEK
10348*5/8"x1812,115,55000 pc0,67 SEK1,1 SEK
16245*11/16"x1612,117,15000 pc0,67 SEK1,1 SEK
10349*3/4"x1614,218,84000 pc0,71 SEK1,2 SEK
16246*13/16"x1614,220,44000 pc1,2 SEK1,8 SEK
107027/8"x1416,5222000 pc0,67 SEK1 SEK
162471"x1416,5252000 pc1,5 SEK1,9 SEK
1100021 1/16"x121926,72000 pc0,8 SEK1,7 SEK
162481 3/16"x121929,81000 pc1,7 SEK2,8 SEK
18311*1 5/16"x121933,11000 pc1,7 SEK2,8 SEK
16249*1 7/16"x121936,41000 pc2 SEK3,2 SEK
18405*1 11/16"x122142,4800 pc3,6 SEK5,9 SEK
18406*1 7/8"x1224,147,5500 pc5,1 SEK8,4 SEK
18407*2 1/2"x1230,563,32500 pc7 SEK11 SEK
Metric. Yellow LDPE
best.nummerThreaddimensionerst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
10839M1212125000 pc0,42 SEK0,71 SEK
10840M1414,1145000 pc0,71 SEK0,8 SEK
10080*M1616,5165000 pc0,92 SEK1,3 SEK
10841M1818184000 pc0,67 SEK1 SEK
10842M2020202000 pc0,67 SEK1 SEK
10224M2222222000 pc1 SEK1,5 SEK

* Variation in tear-away tab type.
@ Available with safety vent hole.

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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