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Gas Cylinder Valve Protectors

Gas Cylinder Valve Protectors

Developed in conjunction with major European gas companies. Tamper evident. Protect industrial gas valves from ingress of dust and dirt. Unique vent flap allows safe release of gas following accidental opening of valve.

Material: Yellow LDPE
best.nummertypdiameter [mm]typTo fit BS Valves +Main Gas Typest. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
12940Std21,71--20001,3 kr2 kr
10781Std21,818CO220000,84 kr1,4 kr
110007Std24,31--20001,3 kr2 kr
10783Std25,41--20001,5 kr2,5 kr
110005Std26,41--20001,3 kr2 kr
10784Std28,81--20002,8 kr4,6 kr
10785Std22,222,3,4N2,O2,H2,He,C2,H2,Ar25001,1 kr2,2 kr
10787Std253-Medical20002,7 kr4,5 kr
110049Std204--5003,5 kr5,8 kr
110583Std304--5003,6 kr6 kr
110239Std305**Nevoc-10002,2 kr3,5 kr
110589Std21,868CO25004,6 kr7,6 kr
110590Std24,36--5004,6 kr7,6 kr
110591Std26,46--5004,6 kr7,6 kr
110592Std306**Nevoc-5004,6 kr7,7 kr
110048*Clip Style21,71--20001,2 kr2 kr
110009Clip Style21,818CO220000,84 kr1,4 kr
110008Clip Style24,31--20001,2 kr2 kr
110006Clip Style26,41--20001,3 kr2 kr
110004Clip Style22,222,3,4N2, O2, H2, He,C2,H2,Ar25001,1 kr2,2 kr
110584Clip Style32,74--5004,5 kr7,4 kr
110240Clip Style305**Nevoc-10002,2 kr3,5 kr
110586Clip Style355--10006,2 kr10 kr
110588Clip Style385--10006,1 kr10 kr

*Supplied with vent strip.
+ According to standard BS341.
**Designed especially for N.E.V.O.C. valves with 30 mm whitworth outlets, as increasingly used on 300-bar cylinders. Other colours avaible; please contact our sales office for more details.

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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