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Moss Plugs

Moss Plugs

Black PVC or Green Vinyl. Highly resistant to shredding. Green vinyl can be used with oils and greases.

best.nummercolor, materialdimensionerst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
10874Black, PVC791,63,210000 pc0,42 kr0,71 kr
12665Black, PVC11123,2510000 pc0,71 kr2,1 kr
12666Black, PVC12123,165000 pc0,92 kr1,5 kr
12667Black, PVC13124,575000 pc0,8 kr1,6 kr
12668Black, PVC14124,9810000 pc0,92 kr1,5 kr
12669Black, PVC15126,195000 pc0,67 kr1,1 kr
12670Black, PVC16127,2105000 pc0,55 kr0,92 kr
12671Black, PVC17128,21110000 pc0,71 kr1,1 kr
12672Black, PVC20129,2128000 pc0,8 kr2,1 kr
12673Black, PVC211410,2138000 pc1,3 kr2 kr
12674Black, PVC221411147000 pc1,1 kr1,8 kr
12675Black, PVC231412,2156000 pc0,92 kr1,5 kr
12677Black, PVC241412,9166000 pc2 kr3,9 kr
12678Black, PVC271414175000 pc1,5 kr2,9 kr
12679Black, PVC281415184000 pc2,8 kr3,2 kr
12680Black, PVC291416,1192000 pc2,8 kr3,9 kr
12681Black, PVC301417,2202000 pc3 kr4,2 kr
12683Black, PVC311418213000 pc2 kr3,9 kr
12684Black, PVC321419221500 pc2,2 kr3,6 kr
12685Black, PVC331420,1231500 pc2 kr2,7 kr
12686Black, PVC341621,6242500 pc2,8 kr3,9 kr
12687Black, PVC351622,2252000 pc3 kr5,1 kr
12688Black, PVC361623,5262000 pc2,5 kr4,9 kr
12689Black, PVC371623,6272000 pc2,9 kr4,7 kr
12690Black, PVC381625,2282000 pc3 kr4,2 kr
12692Black, PVC401627,9301000 pc2,1 kr3,3 kr
12693Black, PVC502236,440700 pc5,1 kr8,3 kr
12694Black, PVC572243,247500 pc5,4 kr8,8 kr
10669Green, Vinyl791,63,210000 pc0,34 kr0,55 kr
11863Green, Vinyl11123,2510000 pc0,8 kr1,6 kr
11806Green, Vinyl12123,165000 pc0,92 kr1,5 kr
11817Green, Vinyl13124,575000 pc1,5 kr1,9 kr
11808Green, Vinyl14124,9810000 pc2,1 kr1,8 kr
11829Green, Vinyl15126,195000 pc0,92 kr1,3 kr
11807Green, Vinyl16127,2105000 pc0,67 kr1,1 kr
11824Green, Vinyl17128,21110000 pc0,92 kr1,3 kr
11809Green, Vinyl20129,2128000 pc1 kr1,6 kr
11822Green, Vinyl211410,2138000 pc1,5 kr1,9 kr
11813Green, Vinyl221411147000 pc1,3 kr2,3 kr
11830Green, Vinyl231412,2156000 pc1,3 kr2 kr
11820Green, Vinyl241412,9166000 pc2,1 kr3,4 kr
11811Green, Vinyl271414175000 pc2,1 kr2,8 kr
11827Green, Vinyl281415184000 pc3 kr5,1 kr
11818Green, Vinyl291416,1192000 pc2,9 kr3,9 kr
11812Green, Vinyl301417,2202000 pc2,6 kr4,3 kr
11823Green, Vinyl311418213000 pc1,8 kr3 kr
11828Green, Vinyl321419221500 pc3,4 kr5,5 kr
11814Green, Vinyl331420,1231500 pc2 kr3,3 kr
11810Green, Vinyl341621,6242500 pc3 kr4,9 kr
11816Green, Vinyl351622,2252000 pc3,3 kr5,5 kr
11819Green, Vinyl361623,5262000 pc3,3 kr5,5 kr
11821Green, Vinyl371623,6272000 pc3,6 kr5,9 kr
11825Green, Vinyl381625,2282000 pc3,3 kr5,5 kr
11826Green, Vinyl401627,9301000 pc2,8 kr3,2 kr
12078Green, Vinyl502236,440700 pc6,3 kr10 kr

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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