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Centre Pull Plugs

Centre Pull Plugs

Material: Red LDPE. Centre pull-tab for easy fit and removal. Excellent protection from damage, dirt, moisture and corrosion during production, storage and transportion.

best.nummerFor threaddimensionerst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
110029M85/16"-6,27,79,520,511,110000 pc0,5 SEK0,8 SEK
CP-6+---6,88,510,315,911,925000 pc0,8 SEK1,3 SEK
110030M107/16"1/8"8,4109,520,513,510000 pc0,17 SEK0,29 SEK
110031-3/8"-9,510,89,520,51410000 pc0,67 SEK1,1 SEK
CP-9+---9,210,99,519,115,114000 pc1,8 SEK2,4 SEK
CP-10+---10,211,89,519,115,912000 pc1,3 SEK2,2 SEK
110032M121/2"1/4"10,912,39,520,315,910000 pc0,67 SEK1,1 SEK
CP-12+---11,41310,314,316,710000 pc1,4 SEK2,3 SEK
110033-M14-9/16"-11,713,7112217,25000 pc0,29 SEK0,46 SEK
CP-14+---12,714,411,920,618,37500 pc1,4 SEK2,4 SEK
110034M165/8"3/8"14,21611,922,9195000 pc0,76 SEK1,8 SEK
CP-18+---14,71713,519,120,65500 pc1,4 SEK2,4 SEK
CP-19+---15,517,713,519,821,35000 pc1,3 SEK2,2 SEK
110035M203/4"-16,418,312,323,522,25000 pc0,84 SEK1,8 SEK
110036-13/16"1/2"17,82013,724,523,85000 pc0,84 SEK1,8 SEK
CP-24+---18,5211521,325,45000 pc1,5 SEK2,6 SEK
110037M247/8"5/8"21,323,215,926,9273000 pc1,4 SEK2,4 SEK
CP-31+---22,124,719,125,428,54000 pc2,4 SEK2,7 SEK
10418-1"-22,525,517,82928,92500 pc1,8 SEK2,5 SEK
110038M28,M301 1/8"-24,727,71930322000 pc1,8 SEK3,5 SEK
CP-37+---24,627,719,826,231,82500 pc2,4 SEK3,2 SEK
CP-40+---26,129,119,125,4342500 pc2,4 SEK3,2 SEK
CP-42+---27,83119,825,435,82500 pc2,4 SEK3,2 SEK
CP-44+---29,232,719,125,439,42000 pc2,1 SEK3,4 SEK
CP-47+---32,833,219,825,438,11800 pc2,4 SEK3,9 SEK
CP-49+---33,337,219,125,441,21800 pc2,2 SEK3,5 SEK
CP-51+---34,138,822,425,444,51500 pc2,2 SEK3,5 SEK
CP-55+---36,940,719,125,444,51500 pc2,2 SEK3,6 SEK
CP-56+---4144,118,328,648,41000 pc3,4 SEK5,5 SEK
CP-57+---45,949,225,431,854,91000 pc2,2 SEK3,6 SEK
CP-59+---46,246,612,719,151,61500 pc3,6 SEK6 SEK
110039*M52--48,252,725,426,457,1300 pc3,5 SEK5,8 SEK
110040*M58,M60-2"5561252665400 pc5,2 SEK8,6 SEK
110041*M62--59,367,330,731,570,6150 pc7,8 SEK13 SEK
110042*---67,470,2252674,6300 pc8,5 SEK14 SEK

* Pull-tab does not extend above overall height
+ Orange LDPE

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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