Threaded Sealing Caps

Threaded Sealing Caps

Material: Yellow HDPE. Tough HDPE material reduces potential shearing. Internal neoprene rubber sealing disk, which limits fluid leakage. Recommended to be tightened by hand. Hexagonal head anables the cap to be applied or removed by spanner or socket at low torque.

best.nummerFor threadmåttstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
467033M8x112.,1 kr3,5 kr
467034M10x114,,25002,1 kr3,5 kr
467035M12x116,513.011.014.015,45002,9 kr4,6 kr
467036M12x1,516,515.013.014.015,45002,9 kr4,7 kr
467037M14x1,518,515.013.016.017,55002,6 kr4,3 kr
467038M16x1,521.,75002,9 kr4,6 kr
467039M18x1,523.,95003,6 kr5 kr
467040M20x1,525.,15003,6 kr5 kr
467041M22x1,527,515.013.024.026,32503,6 kr5 kr
467042M24x1.530.,52504,7 kr7,7 kr
467043M25x1.531.,62504 kr6,6 kr
467044M26x1.532.,72504 kr6,6 kr
467045M28x1.534.,6 kr7,3 kr
467046M30x1.536.515.,1 kr8,3 kr
467047M30x236.517.,1 kr8,3 kr
467048M36x1.544.516.,2 kr15 kr
467049M36x244.518. kr16 kr
467050M42x251.018,516.045.049.410011 kr18 kr
467051M45x1.554.516,514.048.052.610014 kr19 kr
467052M45x254.518,516.048.052.610014 kr19 kr
467053M52x262.018,516.055.060.310015 kr26 kr

best.nummerFor threadmåttstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
4670541/4x2810.013,511,58.08,85002,2 kr3,5 kr
4670553/8x2413.014,512,511.012,15002,2 kr3,5 kr
4670567/16x2415,514,512,513.014,35002,9 kr4,7 kr
4670577/16x2015,515.013.013.014,35002,9 kr4,7 kr
4670581/4x2817,515.013.015.016,55002,9 kr4,7 kr
4670599/16x1818,515,513,516.017,55002,9 kr4,6 kr
4670605/8x1821.015,513,518.019,75002,9 kr4,6 kr
4670613/4x1624.016,514,521.023.05003,6 kr5 kr
46706213/16x1626,516,514,523.025,25003,5 kr5,6 kr
4670637/8x1827,515,513,524.026,35003,5 kr5,6 kr
4670647/8x1427,517,515,524.026,32503,6 kr6,1 kr
4670651x1431.017,515,527.029,62504 kr6,6 kr
4670661 1/16x1234.518,516,530.032.92504,7 kr7,7 kr
4670671 3/16x1236.518,516,532.035.12506,1 kr8,3 kr
4670681 5/16x1241.018,516,536.039.52508,6 kr12 kr
4670691 3/8x1243.018,516,538.041.72508,9 kr15 kr
4670701 7/16x1245.518,516,540.043.925010 kr17 kr
4670711 5/8x1251.019.016,545.049.410011 kr18 kr
4670721 3/4x1654.517.014,548.052.610012 kr19 kr
4670731 7/8x1259.019.016,552.057.010015 kr24 kr

best.nummerFor threadmåttstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
4670741/8x2814.,25002,2 kr3,5 kr
4670751/4x1917,515.013.015.016,55002,8 kr4,6 kr
4670763/8x1922.,85003,2 kr5,3 kr
4670771/2x1425.,15003,5 kr5,7 kr
4670785/8x1429.,45004,7 kr7,7 kr
4670793/4x1432.,72505 kr8,2 kr
4670807/8x1436.,8 kr9,5 kr
4670811x1141.,6 kr14 kr
4670821 1/4x1151. kr23 kr
4670831 1/2x1156.019,517.050.054.810016 kr27 kr
4670842x1171.019,517.063.069.110022 kr36 kr
4670852 1/4x1180.019,517.070.076.810025 kr41 kr
4670862 1/2x1190.019,517.080.087.710033 kr54 kr

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