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Two-screw pipe clamp, type M8 clamping head and a combined M8/10 clamping head

Two-screw pipe clamp, type M8 clamping head and a combined M8/10 clamping head

Surface finish: galvanic zinc plated. Pipe clamps of a dimension of 1/4" to 6/4" are equipped with an M8 clamping head and pipe clamps of dimensions of 54 – 59 mm to 210 – 219 mm (8") are equipped with a more massive M8/M10 clamping head and a combined thread. Two-screw pipe clamps satisfy the highest requirements while mounting on walls, ceilings and floors but also in connection with pipes used in sanitary installations. Screws have a combined head with a cross and a slot. Use: steel pipes, cast iron pipes, copper pipes, glass pipes, plastic pipes. Field: sanitary and heating installations; gas distribution systems; air conditioning systems; tube post and others. Use within temperature range: -40 °C to +110 °C . We also smaller amounts than packing bag. We also supply the stainless steel.

best.nummerExternal diameter of the pipeDN
st. i förp.pris/st
ODVOSW1000120161612-161/4"8M8M5x2020551,2100 pc4,1 SEK
ODVOSW1000170191817-193/8"10M8M5x2020581,2100 pc4,5 SEK
ODVOSW1000200232020-231/2"15M8M5x2020611,2100 pc4,7 SEK
ODVOSW1000250302525-303/4"20M8M5x2020671,2100 pc5,2 SEK
ODVOSW1000310383231-381"25M8M5x2020781,2100 pc5,5 SEK
ODVOSW1000400464040-465/4"(1 1/4")32M8M5x2020861,2100 pc6 SEK
ODVOSW1000480535048-536/4"(1 1/2")40M8M5x2020941,250 pc6,3 SEK
ODVOSW1000540595654-59M8/M10M6x20201011,250 pc9,3 SEK
ODVOSW1000600646360-642"50M8/M10M6x20201101,550 pc10 SEK
ODVOSW1000670716867-71M8/M10M6x20201151,550 pc11 SEK
ODVOSW1000720787572-782 1/2"65M8/M10M6x20251251,550 pc13 SEK
ODVOSW1000810868381-86M8/M10M6x25251371,550 pc15 SEK
ODVOSW1000870929087-923"80M8/M10M6x25251431,550 pc15 SEK
ODVOSW10009510310195-103M8/M10M6x30251551,550 pc16 SEK
ODVOSW100102116110,116102-1164"100M8/M10M6x3025170250 pc18 SEK
ODVOSW100121127125121-127M8/M10M8x30251862,525 pc24 SEK
ODVOSW100133141140133-1415"125M8/M10M8x30252002,525 pc25 SEK
ODVOSW100159168165159-1686"150M8/M10M8x30252302,525 pc29 SEK
ODVOSW100164170165164-170M8/M10M8x30252302,525 pc31 SEK
ODVOSW100182188165182-188M8/M10M8x30252302,525 pc32 SEK
ODVOSW100193203210193-203M8/M10M8x30252452,515 pc33 SEK
ODVOSW100204210210204-210M8/M10M8x30252852,515 pc34 SEK
ODVOSW100210219219210-2198"200M8/M10M8x30252852,515 pc34 SEK

Priser exklusive moms. Om ordernummer finns angivet, vänligen uppge det tillsammans med den produkt du har valt. Vi skickar gärna vilken varumängd som helst. Om du vill beställa stora volymer, vänligen kontakta oss. Porto är från 170 kr (se pristabell).

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