Dubl Kote™ Double Sided Permanent Foam Tape - continuous rolls

Dubl Kote™ Double Sided Permanent Foam Tape - continuous rolls

Polyolefin Foam with Rubber Based Adhesive. Ideal for POP Displays. Fast tack rubber based adhesive on both sides. Suitable for joining; corrugated, chipboard, wood, plastics and powder coated materials. Supplied on a continuous roll. Use black Dubl Kote to create invisible bonds when assembling black or dark or dark displays. Service temperature: -7°C to 66°C. Table 1 - Standard Rolls - 76mm Core. Table 2 - Short Rolls - 38mm Core - White.

best.nummerColormåttstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/paket/pc
breddtjockleklängd (m)
471355White6,40,8661448 kr491 kr
471346White9,60,8661461 kr505 kr
471397Black9,60,8661481 kr527 kr
471339White12,70,8661513 kr562 kr
471394Black12,70,8661520 kr570 kr
471340White19,20,8661799 kr875 kr
471395Black19,20,8661696 kr762 kr
471341White25,40,8661942 kr1032 kr
471399Black25,40,8661981 kr1075 kr
471342White12,71,6661559 kr612 kr
471396Black12,71,6661539 kr590 kr
471343White19,21,6661799 kr875 kr
471344White25,41,66611020 kr1117 kr
471357White12,73,2331474 kr519 kr
471345White19,23,2331637 kr697 kr
471353White25,43,2331779 kr854 kr

best.nummermåttroles in the packpris/paket/pcpris/st.
breddtjockleklängd (m)
47136512,70,8872 pc128 kr200 kr
47136619,10,8845 pc180 kr281 kr
47136725,40,8936 pc247 kr386 kr
47136812,71,6940 pc140 kr219 kr
47136919,11,6925 pc201 kr315 kr
47137025,41,6920 pc267 kr418 kr
47137112,73,24,640 pc98 kr152 kr
47137219,13,24,625 pc141 kr221 kr
47137325,43,24,620 pc188 kr292 kr

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