Twin Stick™ - Die-cut Pieces on Pads

Twin Stick™ - Die-cut Pieces on Pads

Double Sided Permanent Adhesive Foam Pads. Pads are great for kits. Pack extra pads with your display for in-store repairs. Fast tack permanent rubber adhesive. Kiss cut pieces supplied on pads for convenience. White polyoletin foam.

best.nummermåttPieces per Padsalary in packpris/paket/pcpris/st.
4701660,812,7x12,710750 pc0,24 kr0,6 kr
4701680,812,7x25,410750 pc0,24 kr0,6 kr
4701690,812,7x50,810400 pc0,6 kr0,72 kr
4701700,812,7x76,210250 pc0,78 kr1,9 kr
4701930,819,1x19,110650 pc0,24 kr0,6 kr
4701960,819,1x76,210750 pc1,2 kr15 kr
4702190,825,4x25,410400 pc16 kr0,72 kr
4702200,825,4x50,810200 pc0,96 kr1,7 kr
4702210,825,4x76,210125 pc1,9 kr2,2 kr
4702220,825,4x101,610100 pc1,7 kr2,8 kr
4703451,619,1x76,210175 pc1,9 kr1,8 kr
4703681,625,4x25,410400 pc0,6 kr0,78 kr
4703691,625,4x50,810200 pc1,2 kr1,9 kr
4703701,625,4x76,210125 pc1,7 kr2,3 kr
4703711,625,4x101,610100 pc1,9 kr3,2 kr
4704503,225,4x25,410300 pc0,6 kr1,2 kr
4704513,225,4x50,810150 pc1,2 kr2 kr
4701940,819,1x25,410500 pc0,6 kr0,6 kr
4701950,819,1x50,810250 pc0,78 kr1,9 kr
4703151,612,7x12,710750 pc0,24 kr0,6 kr
4703171,612,7x25,410750 pc0,24 kr0,6 kr
4703181,612,7x50,810400 pc0,6 kr0,78 kr
4703191,612,7x76,210250 pc1,7 kr2,3 kr

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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