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Twin Stick® - kiss cut pieces on a roll

Twin Stick® - kiss cut pieces on a roll

Double Sided Permanent Adhesive Foam Pads. Ideal for assembling corrugated displays. Perfect for mounting wobblers. Die cut pieces suppplied on a roll. Agresive rubber based adhesive on both sides. Works well with; corrugated, chipboard, wood, lowsurface energy plastics, powder coats and UV coatings.

best.nummerdimensionerPieces per Rollst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
4700270,812,7x12,7100001859 SEK941 SEK
4700000,812,7x25,41000011618 SEK1772 SEK
4700010,812,7x50,81000013428 SEK3754 SEK
4700020,812,7x76,2500012491 SEK2728 SEK
4701200,819,1x19,1100001974 SEK1067 SEK
4700050,819,2x76,2500013587 SEK3929 SEK
4700060,825,4x25,41000013309 SEK3624 SEK
4700070,825,4x50,8630014146 SEK4541 SEK
4700080,825,4x76,2400013857 SEK4225 SEK
4700290,825,4x101,6250013279 SEK3591 SEK
4700151,619,2x76,2250011630 SEK1786 SEK
4700161,625,4x25,41000013565 SEK3904 SEK
4700171,625,4x50,8500012834 SEK3104 SEK
4700191,625,4x101,6250012349 SEK2573 SEK
4700423,225,4x25,41200015374 SEK5886 SEK
4700233,225,4x50,8270012641 SEK2892 SEK
4700243,225,4x76,2200012706 SEK2964 SEK
4700253,225,4x101,6200013537 SEK3874 SEK
4700266,425,4x25,4500013747 SEK4104 SEK
4700336,425,4x76,2100012738 SEK2998 SEK

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