Binder Screws

Binder Screws


best.nummerColorMale partMale partHeadstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
0191010901VRBlack55M45122,61000 pc3,1 kr5,1 kr
0191020901VRBlack56M45122,61000 pc3,1 kr5,1 kr
0191040901VRBlack58M45122,61000 pc3,8 kr4,3 kr
0191050901VRBlack510M45122,61000 pc3,8 kr4,3 kr
0191060901VRBlack512M410122,61000 pc2,9 kr4,6 kr
0191070901VRBlack515M410122,61000 pc2,9 kr4,6 kr
0191080901VRBlack520M410122,61000 pc2,9 kr4,7 kr
0191090901VRBlack525M410122,61000 pc2,9 kr4,9 kr
0191010908VRWhite55M45122,61000 pc3,1 kr5,1 kr
0191020908VRWhite56M45122,61000 pc3,1 kr5,1 kr
0191040908VRWhite58M45122,61000 pc3,8 kr4,3 kr
0191050908VRWhite510M45122,61000 pc3,8 kr4,3 kr
0191060908VRWhite512M410122,61000 pc2,9 kr4,6 kr
0191070908VRWhite515M410122,61000 pc2,9 kr4,6 kr
0191080908VRWhite520M410122,61000 pc2,9 kr4,7 kr
0191090908VRWhite525M410122,61000 pc2,9 kr4,9 kr
0191100901VRBlack530M410122,61000 pc3 kr5 kr
0191110901VRBlack535M410122,61000 pc3,1 kr5 kr
0191120901VRBlack540M410122,61000 pc3,8 kr5,1 kr
0191140901VRBlack550M410122,61000 pc3,8 kr6,2 kr
0191160901VRBlack560M410122,61000 pc3,9 kr6,4 kr
0191180901VRBlack570M410122,61000 pc4 kr6,5 kr
0191190901VRBlack580M410122,61000 pc5,1 kr6,8 kr
0191200901VRBlack590M410122,61000 pc4,4 kr7,1 kr
0191100908VRWhite530M410122,61000 pc3 kr5 kr
0191110908VRWhite535M410122,61000 pc3,1 kr5 kr
0191120908VRWhite540M410122,61000 pc3,8 kr5,1 kr
0191140908VRWhite550M410122,61000 pc3,8 kr6,2 kr
0191160908VRWhite560M410122,61000 pc3,9 kr6,4 kr
0191180908VRWhite570M410122,61000 pc4 kr6,5 kr
0191190908VRWhite580M410122,61000 pc5,1 kr6,8 kr
0191200908VRWhite590M410122,61000 pc4,4 kr7,1 kr

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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