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Retaining Rings

Retaining Rings

Black POM. For axles with pre-manufactured groove. Lip for easy assembly and fismantling.

best.nummerdimensionerst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
Dd1WwTube Diameter
1120235990562,311,053,0-4,01000 pc0,84 SEK1,4 SEK
1120325990573,211,054,0-5,0500 pc1,2 SEK1,8 SEK
1120405995941,11,155,0-7,0500 pc1,3 SEK2,4 SEK
11205059951151,11,156,0-8,0500 pc1,3 SEK2,3 SEK
112060599051461,31,357,0-11,0500 pc1,4 SEK2,4 SEK
112070599051471,31,358,0-11,0500 pc1,5 SEK2,4 SEK
1120905990518,591,41,510,0-14,0500 pc2,4 SEK3,2 SEK
1121205990523121,61,713,0-18,0500 pc2,4 SEK3,9 SEK

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