Crossed Pan Head Screws

Crossed Pan Head Screws

Natural Nylon 6.6. Refer to standard NF E 25-121 for guidance purposes.

best.nummermåttstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
0082010000VRM2x0,443,81,31000 pc2,9 kr2,8 kr
0082020000VRM2x0,453,81,31000 pc2,9 kr2,8 kr
0082030000VRM2x0,463,81,31000 pc2,1 kr2,8 kr
0082040000VRM2x0,483,81,31000 pc2,1 kr2,8 kr
0082050000VRM2x0,4103,81,31000 pc2,1 kr2,8 kr
0082060000VRM2x0,4123,81,31000 pc2,1 kr3,4 kr
0082070000VRM2x0,4163,81,31000 pc2,1 kr3,4 kr
0082080000VRM2x0,4203,81,31000 pc2,6 kr3,4 kr
0082090000VRM2x0,4253,81,31000 pc2,6 kr4,2 kr
0082100000VRM2,5x0,4544,51,61000 pc2,9 kr2,8 kr
0082110000VRM2,5x0,4554,51,61000 pc2,9 kr2,8 kr
0082120000VRM2,5x0,4564,51,61000 pc2,1 kr2,8 kr
0082130000VRM2,5x0,4584,51,61000 pc2,1 kr2,8 kr
0082140000VRM2,5x0,45104,51,61000 pc2,1 kr2,8 kr
0082150000VRM2,5x0,45124,51,61000 pc2,1 kr3,4 kr
0082160000VRM2,5x0,45164,51,61000 pc2,1 kr3,4 kr
0082170000VRM2,5x0,45204,51,61000 pc2,6 kr3,4 kr
0082180000VRM2,5x0,45254,51,61000 pc2,6 kr4,2 kr
0080060000VRM3x0,545,42,41000 pc1,1 kr2,9 kr
0081200000VRM3x0,555,42,41000 pc0,72 kr1,4 kr
0080070000VRM3x0,565,42,41000 pc0,72 kr1,4 kr
0080080000VRM3x0,585,42,41000 pc0,72 kr1,4 kr
0080090000VRM3x0,5105,42,41000 pc0,72 kr1,1 kr
0080100000VRM3x0,5125,42,41000 pc0,72 kr1,4 kr
0080120000VRM3x0,5165,42,41000 pc0,66 kr1,4 kr
0080130000VRM3x0,5205,42,41000 pc0,72 kr1,4 kr
0080140000VRM3x0,5255,42,41000 pc0,66 kr1,3 kr
0080150000VRM3x0,5305,42,41000 pc1,4 kr2,9 kr
0080160000VRM4x0,7683,11000 pc0,72 kr1,4 kr
0080170000VRM4x0,7883,11000 pc0,96 kr1,6 kr
0080180000VRM4x0,71083,11000 pc0,72 kr1,4 kr
0080190000VRM4x0,71283,11000 pc0,72 kr1,4 kr
0080210000VRM4x0,71683,11000 pc0,96 kr1,6 kr
0080220000VRM4x0,72083,11000 pc0,66 kr1,4 kr
0080230000VRM4x0,72583,11000 pc1,3 kr2,1 kr
0080240000VRM4x0,73083,11000 pc1,3 kr2,6 kr
0080250000VRM4x0,74083,11000 pc2,9 kr3,4 kr
0080260000VRM5x0,869,53,71000 pc1,3 kr2,6 kr
0080270000VRM5x0,889,13,71000 pc0,96 kr1,6 kr
0080280000VRM5x0,8109,13,71000 pc0,96 kr1,6 kr
0080290000VRM5x0,8129,13,71000 pc0,72 kr1,1 kr
0080310000VRM5x0,8169,13,71000 pc0,72 kr1,1 kr
0080330000VRM5x0,8209,13,71000 pc0,72 kr1,4 kr
0080340000VRM5x0,8259,13,71000 pc1,5 kr2,4 kr
0080350000VRM5x0,8309,13,71000 pc2,9 kr2,6 kr
0080360000VRM5x0,8409,13,71000 pc2,6 kr3,7 kr
0080370000VRM5x0,8509,13,71000 pc2,6 kr3,4 kr
0080390000VRM6x1,06,511,54,61000 pc1,3 kr2,6 kr
0080410000VRM6x1,0811,54,61000 pc1,4 kr2,3 kr
0080420000VRM6x1,01011,54,61000 pc1,4 kr2,2 kr
0080430000VRM6x1,01211,54,61000 pc1,4 kr2,3 kr
0080450000VRM6x1,01611,54,61000 pc1,6 kr2,5 kr
0080460000VRM6x1,02011,54,61000 pc2,9 kr2,8 kr
0080480000VRM6x1,02511,54,61000 pc1,6 kr2,6 kr
0080500000VRM6x1,03011,54,61000 pc1,4 kr2,2 kr
0080520000VRM6x1,04011,54,61000 pc2,6 kr3,7 kr
0080530000VRM6x1,050114,6500 pc2,3 kr3,7 kr
0080550000VRM6x1,060114,6500 pc2,9 kr4 kr
0080650000VRM8x1,25101661000 pc2,1 kr2,8 kr
0080680000VRM8x1,25161661000 pc2,6 kr4,2 kr
0080690000VRM8x1,25201661000 pc2,1 kr2,8 kr
0080700000VRM8x1,25251661000 pc1,9 kr3,2 kr
0080710000VRM8x1,25301661000 pc2,1 kr4,2 kr
0080720000VRM8x1,25351661000 pc3,2 kr5,2 kr
0080730000VRM8x1,25401661000 pc2,9 kr5,8 kr
0080740000VRM8x1,2550166500 pc2,9 kr5,8 kr
0080750000VRM8x1,2560166500 pc5,6 kr7,7 kr
0081850000VRM10x1,516207,5500 pc2,9 kr3,4 kr
0080860000VRM10x1,520207,5500 pc4,2 kr5,6 kr
0080880000VRM10x1,530207,5500 pc2,5 kr4,2 kr
0081270000VRM10x1,540207,5500 pc5,8 kr9,4 kr
0080890000VRM10x1,550207,5250 pc6 kr9,8 kr
0080900000VRM10x1,560207,5250 pc6,4 kr10 kr

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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