Slotted Cheese Head Screws

Slotted Cheese Head Screws

Natural Nylon 6.6. Refer to standard ISO 1207, NF E 25-127, DIN 84 for guidance purposes.

best.nummermåttstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
0010010000VRM2x0,443,81,30,51000 pc2,5 kr3,3 kr
0010020000VRM2x0,453,81,30,51000 pc0,72 kr1,1 kr
0010030000VRM2x0,463,81,30,51000 pc0,72 kr1,1 kr
0010040000VRM2x0,483,81,30,51000 pc2,5 kr3,3 kr
0011450000VRM2x0,4103,81,30,51000 pc2,6 kr2,5 kr
0011380000VRM2x0,4123,81,30,71000 pc2,5 kr3,4 kr
0011370000VRM2x0,4163,81,30,71000 pc2,5 kr3,4 kr
0011320000VRM2x0,4203,81,30,71000 pc2,2 kr3,4 kr
0011330000VRM2x0,4253,81,30,71000 pc2,2 kr4,2 kr
0011060000VRM2,5x0,4534,51,60,61000 pc1,2 kr2,5 kr
0011350000VRM2,5x0,4564,51,60,61000 pc0,72 kr0,84 kr
0011500000VRM2,5x0,4584,51,60,61000 pc2,5 kr3,3 kr
0011460000VRM2,5x0,45104,51,60,61000 pc1,2 kr2,5 kr
0011640000VRM2,5x0,45124,51,60,61000 pc2,5 kr3,4 kr
0011310000VRM2,5x0,45164,51,60,61000 pc0,72 kr0,84 kr
0011430000VRM2,5x0,45204,51,60,81000 pc2,2 kr3,4 kr
0011440000VRM2,5x0,45254,51,60,81000 pc2,2 kr4,2 kr
0010060000VRM3x0,545,520,81000 pc1,2 kr2,5 kr
0011390000VRM3x0,555,520,81000 pc1,1 kr1,4 kr
0010070000VRM3x0,565,520,81000 pc0,72 kr0,84 kr
0010080000VRM3x0,585,520,81000 pc0,72 kr0,84 kr
0010090000VRM3x0,5105,520,81000 pc0,72 kr1,2 kr
0010100000VRM3x0,5125,520,81000 pc0,72 kr0,84 kr
0010120000VRM3x0,5165,520,81000 pc0,72 kr0,84 kr
0010130000VRM3x0,5205,520,81000 pc0,72 kr1,2 kr
0010140000VRM3x0,5255,520,81000 pc0,72 kr1,2 kr
0010150000VRM3x0,5305,520,81000 pc1,1 kr2,6 kr
0011780000VRM3x0,53562,411000 pc2,3 kr3,2 kr
0011790000VRM3x0,54062,411000 pc2,3 kr4,7 kr
0010160000VRM4x0,7672,61,21000 pc0,72 kr0,84 kr
0010170000VRM4x0,7872,61,21000 pc0,72 kr0,84 kr
0010180000VRM4x0,71072,61,21000 pc0,72 kr0,84 kr
0010190000VRM4x0,71272,61,21000 pc0,72 kr1,2 kr
0010210000VRM4x0,71672,61,21000 pc0,72 kr1,2 kr
0010220000VRM4x0,72072,61,21000 pc0,72 kr1,2 kr
0010230000VRM4x0,72572,61,21000 pc1,2 kr2,5 kr
0010240000VRM4x0,73072,61,21000 pc2,6 kr2,2 kr
0010250000VRM4x0,74072,61,21000 pc2,5 kr3,4 kr
0010260000VRM5x0,868,53,31,21000 pc1,1 kr2,6 kr
0010270000VRM5x0,888,53,31,21000 pc0,66 kr1,1 kr
0010280000VRM5x0,8108,53,31,21000 pc0,66 kr1,1 kr
0010290000VRM5x0,8128,53,31,21000 pc0,66 kr1,1 kr
0010310000VRM5x0,8168,53,31,21000 pc0,66 kr1,1 kr
0010330000VRM5x0,8208,53,31,21000 pc0,72 kr1,2 kr
0010340000VRM5x0,8258,53,31,21000 pc1,4 kr2,6 kr
0010350000VRM5x0,8308,53,31,21000 pc1,5 kr2,4 kr
0010360000VRM5x0,8408,53,31,21000 pc2,5 kr5,7 kr
0010370000VRM5x0,8508,53,31,21000 pc2,3 kr3,7 kr
0011800000VRM5x0,8608,53,31,21000 pc17 kr26 kr
0010380000VR*M5x0,8708,53,31,21000 pc3,6 kr6 kr
0010390000VRM6x1,06,5103,91,61000 pc2,6 kr2,2 kr
0010410000VRM6x1,08103,91,61000 pc1,4 kr2,6 kr
0010420000VRM6x1,010103,91,61000 pc2,6 kr2,5 kr
0010430000VRM6x1,012103,91,61000 pc1,2 kr2,5 kr
0010450000VRM6x1,016103,91,61000 pc1,4 kr2,6 kr
0010460000VRM6x1,020103,91,61000 pc2,5 kr3,4 kr
0010470000VRM6x1,022103,91,61000 pc2,6 kr2,5 kr
0010480000VRM6x1,025103,91,61000 pc2,6 kr2,5 kr
0010500000VRM6x1,030103,91,61000 pc2,5 kr2,6 kr
0010520000VRM6x1,040103,91,61000 pc4,2 kr5,7 kr
0010530000VRM6x1,050103,91,6500 pc2,3 kr3,7 kr
0010550000VRM6x1,060103,91,6500 pc2,5 kr4,7 kr
0011280000VRM6x1,070103,91,6500 pc5,8 kr9,4 kr
0010570000VRM6x1,080103,91,6500 pc4,2 kr5,6 kr
0010640000VRM8x1,25813521000 pc2,2 kr3,5 kr
0010650000VRM8x1,251013521000 pc1,4 kr2,3 kr
0010680000VRM8x1,251613521000 pc2,5 kr3,3 kr
0010690000VRM8x1,252013521000 pc2,5 kr2,6 kr
0010700000VRM8x1,252513521000 pc2,6 kr3,1 kr
0010710000VRM8x1,253013521000 pc2,3 kr4,7 kr
0010720000VRM8x1,253513521000 pc3,1 kr5 kr
0010730000VRM8x1,254013521000 pc3,2 kr5,1 kr
0010740000VRM8x1,25501352500 pc3,3 kr5,5 kr
0010750000VRM8x1,25601352500 pc5,7 kr9,3 kr
0011480000VRM8x1,25701352500 pc4,2 kr5,6 kr
0010770000VRM8x1,25801352500 pc4,7 kr7,8 kr
0011850000VRM10x1,5161662,5500 pc2,5 kr3,4 kr
0010860000VRM10x1,5201662,5500 pc3,3 kr5,5 kr
0010880000VRM10x1,5301662,5500 pc2,5 kr4,2 kr
0010890000VRM10x1,5401662,5500 pc6,2 kr12 kr
0010900000VRM10x1,5501662,5250 pc7,8 kr13 kr
0010910000VRM10x1,5601662,5250 pc6,2 kr12 kr
0010920000VRM10x1,5701662,5250 pc6,5 kr11 kr
0010930000VRM10x1,5801662,5250 pc7,6 kr12 kr
0011020000VRM12x1,75401982,5500 pc7,4 kr12 kr
0011030000VRM12x1,75501982,5250 pc7 kr11 kr
0011040000VRM12x1,75601982,5250 pc7,8 kr13 kr
0011050000VRM12x1,75701982,5250 pc8,9 kr14 kr
0011860000VRM16x2,040239,54,5250 pc3,4 kr5,5 kr
0011180000VRM16x2,050239,54,5250 pc11 kr18 kr
0011190000VRM16x2,060239,54,5250 pc11 kr18 kr

* partially threaded.

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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