Insulation Sleeves

Insulation Sleeves

Material: Natural Nylon 6. Prevent contact with conducting materials. Help prevent parts vibrating loose. Accurately locate and space assemblies.

best.nummermåttstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
180250000012,63,91031,31000 pc1,9 kr4,6 kr
180300000013,13,91031,31000 pc1,9 kr4,6 kr
180302000013,15,91031,31000 pc2,1 kr4,2 kr
366403,16,9153,51,51000 pc2,6 kr4,4 kr
180304000013,17,9153,51,51000 pc2,3 kr4,6 kr
180305000013,18,9153,51,51000 pc2,4 kr4,6 kr
180306000013,19,9153,51,51000 pc2,3 kr4,6 kr
S366454,25,91031,31000 pc4,3 kr6 kr
180402000014,26,91531,51000 pc2,5 kr4 kr
180403000014,27,9153,51,5500 pc2,5 kr4 kr
180404000014,28,9153,51,51000 pc2,5 kr4 kr
180405000014,29,9153,51,51000 pc2,5 kr4 kr
180407000014,211,9183,51,5500 pc2,6 kr4,3 kr
180500000015,25,91031,31000 pc2,2 kr3,5 kr
180501000015,26,9153,51,5500 pc2,6 kr4,4 kr
180503000015,28,9153,51,5500 pc2,6 kr4,3 kr
365555,29,9153,51,51000 pc4,3 kr6,8 kr
180505000015,210,9183,51,51000 pc2,8 kr4,6 kr
180506000015,211,9183,51,51000 pc2,6 kr4,3 kr
349156,26,9153,51,51000 pc4 kr6,5 kr
180602000016,28,9153,51,51000 pc2,8 kr4,6 kr
366606,29,9153,51,51000 pc4,7 kr7,6 kr
180605000016,211,9183,521000 pc3 kr4,9 kr
S366638,28,9153,51,51000 pc11 kr6,7 kr
S366648,29,9153,51,51000 pc4,6 kr7,6 kr
S366658,210,9183,51,51000 pc4,2 kr6,7 kr
S366668,211,9183,51,51000 pc4,9 kr8,2 kr
S3491610,210,9183,51,51000 pc4,3 kr6,8 kr
S3666710,211,9183,51,51000 pc6,4 kr8,7 kr
1812010000112,214,825421000 pc4,2 kr5,7 kr
1812020000112,215,825421000 pc3,5 kr5,8 kr
1812030000112,217,825421000 pc3,9 kr6,4 kr
1814000000114,215,825421000 pc3,7 kr6,1 kr
1814010000114,217,82542500 pc3,9 kr6,4 kr
1816000000116,217,825421000 pc4,2 kr6,7 kr

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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