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Snap-Fit Bushes

Snap-Fit Bushes

Black Nylon - (Heat Stabilised to UL94 V2). Effortless snap-fit into panels. Easy installation, no tools required. Protect against rough panel hole edges.

best.nummerdimensionerPart Dimensionsst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
Mounting Hole DiaMax. Panel Thicknessd1Dh
4659034,71,63,26,45,91000 pc1,8 SEK2,9 SEK
4659045,51,63,27,15,91000 pc1,8 SEK2,9 SEK
1104926,61,63,2881000 pc1,2 SEK1,9 SEK
4659057,11,65,58,75,91000 pc1,8 SEK2,9 SEK
4659067,91,66,39,55,91000 pc1,8 SEK2,9 SEK
11049381,64,89,581000 pc1,2 SEK1,9 SEK
4659078,71,65,510,36,41000 pc1,8 SEK2,9 SEK
4659089,51,66,311,16,41000 pc1,8 SEK2,9 SEK
1104949,53,24,811,910,31000 pc1,2 SEK1,9 SEK
1104959,53,26,411,910,31000 pc1,2 SEK1,9 SEK
46590910,31,67,111,96,41000 pc1,8 SEK2,9 SEK
46591011,11,67,912,76,41000 pc1,8 SEK2,9 SEK
110496113,26,413,510,31000 pc1,3 SEK2,7 SEK
110497113,2813,510,31000 pc1,3 SEK2,7 SEK
110498113,26,213,510,31000 pc1,3 SEK2,7 SEK
46591111,91,68,613,56,41000 pc1,8 SEK3,1 SEK
46591212,71,69,514,36,41000 pc1,8 SEK3,1 SEK
11049912,73,26,414,710,31000 pc1,6 SEK2,3 SEK
11050012,73,2814,710,31000 pc1,6 SEK2,3 SEK
11050112,73,29,514,710,31000 pc1,6 SEK2,3 SEK
46589312,76,49,914,714,31000 pc2 SEK3,3 SEK
46591313,51,610,315,16,41000 pc3,7 SEK5 SEK
11050214,33,2816,710,31000 pc1,6 SEK3,7 SEK
11050314,33,29,516,710,31000 pc1,6 SEK3,7 SEK
11050414,33,21116,710,31000 pc1,6 SEK3,7 SEK
46591415,11,611,916,76,41000 pc3,7 SEK5 SEK
46591515,91,612,717,96,41000 pc3,7 SEK5 SEK
11050515,93,26,418,210,31000 pc1,6 SEK3,7 SEK
11050615,93,21118,210,31000 pc1,6 SEK3,7 SEK
11050715,93,212,718,210,31000 pc1,6 SEK3,7 SEK
11050817,53,212,719,810,31000 pc2,5 SEK3,4 SEK
11050917,53,214,319,810,31000 pc2,5 SEK3,4 SEK
46591619,11,615,9216,41000 pc2,8 SEK4,6 SEK
110510193,29,521,410,31000 pc2,5 SEK3,4 SEK
110511193,212,721,410,31000 pc2,5 SEK3,4 SEK
110512193,214,321,410,31000 pc2,5 SEK3,4 SEK
110513193,21621,410,31000 pc2,5 SEK3,4 SEK
46591719,81,615,921,86,41000 pc3,7 SEK6,1 SEK
11051420,63,214,322,610,31000 pc2,3 SEK3,7 SEK
11051520,63,21622,610,31000 pc2,3 SEK3,7 SEK
46591822,21,61923,86,41000 pc3,7 SEK6,1 SEK
11051622,23,29,524,211,51000 pc2,3 SEK3,7 SEK
11051722,23,21124,211,51000 pc2,3 SEK3,7 SEK
11051822,23,212,724,211,51000 pc2,3 SEK3,7 SEK
46589422,26,417,524,214,31000 pc3,3 SEK5,5 SEK
11051922,23,214,324,211,51000 pc2,3 SEK3,7 SEK
11052022,23,21624,211,51000 pc2,3 SEK3,7 SEK
11052122,23,217,524,211,51000 pc2,3 SEK3,7 SEK
46591925,41,622,3276,41000 pc3,6 SEK5,9 SEK
11052225,43,21928,611,51000 pc2,5 SEK4,1 SEK
46589525,46,419,428,614,31000 pc3,9 SEK6,4 SEK
11052327,83,220,530,911,51000 pc2,7 SEK5,3 SEK
11052427,83,22230,911,51000 pc2,7 SEK5,3 SEK
11052527,83,22430,911,51000 pc2,7 SEK5,3 SEK
46589627,8-28,66,423,830,914,31000 pc5 SEK6,8 SEK
46589831,86,425,433,214,31000 pc5 SEK8,3 SEK
11052630,23,22433,311,51000 pc3,3 SEK5,3 SEK
46589730,26,423,833,314,31000 pc5 SEK8,3 SEK
110527323,22434,511,51000 pc3,3 SEK5,3 SEK
11052834,93,225,437,311,51000 pc3,7 SEK6,1 SEK
46589934,96,425,438,114,31000 pc5,8 SEK9,4 SEK
110529383,22740,911,51000 pc4,1 SEK6,6 SEK
110530383,228,540,911,51000 pc4,1 SEK6,6 SEK
110531383,233,340,911,51000 pc4,1 SEK6,6 SEK
46590038,16,433,341,214,3500 pc6,3 SEK10 SEK
46590144,56,434,947,614,3500 pc8,1 SEK13 SEK
110532453,23547,611,51000 pc5,3 SEK8,6 SEK
46590250,86,441,35414,3500 pc8,1 SEK13 SEK
110533513,2415411,51000 pc5,5 SEK9 SEK
46588453,16,44659,718,3500 pc18 SEK30 SEK
46588557,26,44661,118,3500 pc18 SEK30 SEK
46588663,56,45167,518,1500 pc23 SEK38 SEK
46588776,26,461,980,218,1500 pc38 SEK62 SEK
46588885,76,471,492,918,3500 pc46 SEK77 SEK
46588988,96,474,692,818,1250 pc46 SEK77 SEK
465890101,66,487,3105,618,1500 pc55 SEK90 SEK
4658911276,4113,8132,618,8500 pc70 SEK110 SEK
465892152,46,4139,2157,918,8500 pc103 SEK161 SEK

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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