Snap-on Bolt and Nut Protection Caps

Snap-on Bolt and Nut Protection Caps

LDPE. Type 2 protects washer in addition to bolt and nut. Types 3 and 4 have extendable head for large studs.

Bolt Caps
best.nummertypFor Sizemåttstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
4636271M613,9-6,34,7-50005 kr8,3 kr
4636281M818,8-9,37,9-50005 kr8,3 kr
4636291M1023,8-11,39,8-50008,6 kr14 kr
4636301M1226,5-13,712,2-50008,6 kr14 kr
4636311M1430-2119-250014 kr19 kr
4636321M1634,5-1917,3-250012 kr20 kr
4636331M1837,8-22,320,5-250015 kr25 kr
4636341M2041-25,723,7-125016 kr26 kr
4636351M2245,5-28,326,7-100019 kr31 kr
4636361M2448,5-29,827,5-100019 kr32 kr
4636372M614,513,5871,650004,2 kr6,8 kr
4636382M819,817,511,710,71,650005,2 kr8,6 kr
4636392M102422,813,712250007,4 kr12 kr
4636402M1226,52416,6152,550009,4 kr15 kr
4636412M1430,328,123,621,82,5250014 kr22 kr
4636422M1632,930,518,716,73250012 kr20 kr
4636432M1837352826,33125018 kr29 kr
4636442M204139,327,524,73125018 kr30 kr
4636452M2244,142,531,729,63200021 kr35 kr
4636462M2448,546,534,331,54200028 kr39 kr

Nut Caps
best.nummertypFor Sizemåttstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
DdHH maxhh1
4636471M614,5-12-10,6-50004,2 kr6,8 kr
4636481M818,6-14,7-13-50005,2 kr8,6 kr
4636491M1024-17,3-15,3-50008 kr13 kr
4636501M1226,5-18,8-17,5-50009,4 kr15 kr
4636511M1430,2-37-35,7-250016 kr26 kr
4636521M1632,5-32,4-31-125018 kr30 kr
4636531M1837-40,2-38,5-125026 kr43 kr
4636541M2040,7-35,8-33,7-125019 kr32 kr
4636551M2243,8-38-36-100026 kr43 kr
4636561M2448,3-39,5-37,6-125028 kr47 kr
4636572M614,613,714,3-131,650004,4 kr7,1 kr
4636582M81917,515,5-141,750006,4 kr11 kr
4636592M10242218,5-17250008,6 kr14 kr
4636602M1226,524,521,5-20,22,5500011 kr18 kr
4636612M1430,228,139,3-37,32,5250017 kr28 kr
4636622M1633,131,435,5-33,73125018 kr29 kr
4636632M1838,435,542,3-403125031 kr50 kr
4636642M2041,539,239,2-36,73125021 kr34 kr
4636652M2243,641,141,4-39,23125027 kr45 kr
4636662M2448,64743,5-414100031 kr51 kr
4636673M1023,8-1835--50039 kr64 kr
4636683M1226,5-1549--50072 kr113 kr
4636693M1430,5-2247--50094 kr147 kr
4636703M1632,3-2462--50098 kr152 kr
4636713M1837,5-2657--500104 kr162 kr
4636723M2040,7-3292--500122 kr190 kr
4636733M2243,8-3595--500129 kr200 kr
4636743M2448,6-6998--500150 kr235 kr
4636754M1024221522-250033 kr61 kr
4636764M1226,524,52350-2,550079 kr131 kr
4636774M143028,52550-2,550098 kr152 kr
4636784M1633,230,85269-3500107 kr168 kr
4636794M1836,8352960-3500109 kr171 kr
4636804M2041,539,23595-3500127 kr199 kr
4636814M2243,641,13898-3500132 kr207 kr
4636824M2448,846,573102-4500153 kr239 kr

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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