Screw Cap Covers

Screw Cap Covers

LDPE. Protect and cover screws on veneered chipboard.

best.nummerColorSizestycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
1853/WHWhite510000 pc0,12 kr0,36 kr
1853/LBLight brown510000 pc0,12 kr0,36 kr
1853/DBDark brown510000 pc0,12 kr0,36 kr
1853/TKTeak510000 pc0,12 kr0,36 kr
51777White620000 pc0,78 kr1,1 kr
51557Teak620000 pc0,78 kr1,1 kr
61854White720000 pc0,78 kr1,1 kr
51558Teak720000 pc0,78 kr1,2 kr
1852/WHWhite810000 pc0,6 kr0,84 kr
1852/LBLight brown810000 pc0,6 kr0,78 kr
1852/DBDark brown810000 pc0,6 kr0,78 kr
1852/TKTeak810000 pc0,6 kr0,84 kr
50180White9,520000 pc0,6 kr1,2 kr
51467Teak9,520000 pc0,6 kr0,84 kr
2343/WHWhite1010000 pc0,24 kr0,42 kr
2343/LBLight brown1010000 pc0,24 kr0,36 kr
2343/DBDark brown1010000 pc0,24 kr0,36 kr
2343/TKTeak1010000 pc0,24 kr0,36 kr
1927/WHWhite125000 pc0,42 kr0,78 kr
1927/LBLight brown125000 pc0,42 kr0,78 kr
1927/DBLight brown125000 pc0,6 kr0,84 kr
1927/TKTeak125000 pc0,42 kr0,78 kr
10908White12,520000 pc0,78 kr1,2 kr
10909Teak12,520000 pc1,9 kr3,2 kr

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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