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Cross Dowel Barrel Nuts

Cross Dowel Barrel Nuts

Material: Zinc Alloy and Steel. Designed for use with Join Connector Bolts where a right angle connection is needed. M6 Nuts supplied in Zinc Alloy material for a cost-effective solution. M8 Nuts supplied in steel for additional strength. M8 Nuts used where heavier applications are required - typically on boards of a 22 mm thickness upwards.

best.nummerThreaddimensionerFor Panel Thicknessst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
463138M6108131630001,3 SEK2,2 SEK
463139M6109161920003,1 SEK4,2 SEK
463140M10102022-2515003,1 SEK5 SEK
463141M81291819-257004,8 SEK7,9 SEK

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