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Threaded Inserts

Threaded Inserts

Can be used with either adjustable feet or adjustable tilt glides. M8 and M10 thread sizes available for Type 2. Suitable for wall thickness of 1.0 - 2.0 mm

Square - Type 1 (Imperial)(Thread Size M8)
best.nummerGaugedimensionermaterialst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
19941216 i 18125,4PP1500 pc5,3 SEK8,7 SEK
39769161 1/431,7HIPS600
462389161 1/431,7HIPS500 pc9,1 SEK15 SEK
462391*161 1/238,1HIPS250 pc14 SEK23 SEK
39768183/419PP4000 pc10 SEK16 SEK
462387187/822,2PP2500 pc4,5 SEK7,6 SEK
39772181 1/431,7HIPS600 pc20 SEK33 SEK
462390*181 1/238,1HIPS250 pc13 SEK21 SEK

* Thread size M10.

Round - Type 1 (Imperial)(Thread Size M8)
best.nummerGaugedimensionermaterialst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
462382*141 3/444,4Nylon250 pc23 SEK38 SEK
39761163/419Nylon1000 pc4,8 SEK6,5 SEK
3976316 i 18125,4Nylon1000 pc6,1 SEK8,4 SEK
3976516 i 181 1/431,7Nylon1000 pc7,1 SEK12 SEK
462381161 1/238,1Nylon1500 pc12 SEK20 SEK
462370185/815,9PP5000 pc3,2 SEK6,3 SEK
39762183/419Nylon1000 pc4 SEK6,6 SEK

* Thread size M10.

Square - Type 2 (Metric)
best.nummerdimensionerThreadmaterialst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
4653921518M8PP1000 pc6,9 SEK9,4 SEK
4653931618M8PP1000 pc3,9 SEK6,4 SEK
4653941818M8PP1000 pc5 SEK5,7 SEK
4653952018M8PP1000 pc3,7 SEK6,1 SEK
4653962218M8PP1000 pc4,1 SEK6,6 SEK
4653972519M8PP1000 pc3,2 SEK6,3 SEK
4653992519M10PP1000 pc5 SEK8,3 SEK
4653983020M8PP1000 pc5 SEK8,1 SEK
4654003020M10PP1000 pc3,9 SEK6,4 SEK
4654013521M10PP500 pc6,8 SEK11 SEK
4654024022M10PP500 pc6,5 SEK11 SEK
4623865030M8PP250 pc22 SEK36 SEK
4654035030M10PP250 pc11 SEK15 SEK

Rectangular - Type 2 (Metric)
best.nummerdimensionerThreadmaterialst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
46540420x3019M8PP1000 pc7 SEK11 SEK
46541020x3019M10PP1000 pc6,9 SEK11 SEK
46540520x3519M8PP1000 pc7,1 SEK12 SEK
46541120x3519M10PP1000 pc7,5 SEK12 SEK
46540620x4019M8PP1000 pc4,8 SEK9,3 SEK
46541220x4019M10PP1000 pc2,3 SEK3,7 SEK
46540720x5019M8PP500 pc7,2 SEK12 SEK
46541320x5019M10PP500 pc8,1 SEK13 SEK
46540820x6019M8PP500 pc4,1 SEK6,6 SEK
46541420x6019M10PP500 pc6,6 SEK11 SEK
46540925x5022M8PP500 pc6,6 SEK11 SEK
46541525x5022M10PP500 pc6,3 SEK10 SEK
462385*60x3016M10LDPE250 pc23 SEK37 SEK

* Plain Shank

Round - Type 2 (Metric)
best.nummerdimensionerThreadmaterialst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
4623711634M6Nylon3500 pc4,1 SEK6,6 SEK
4623721634M8Nylon3500 pc4,8 SEK6,5 SEK
4653781818M8PP1000 pc3,3 SEK5,4 SEK
4653792018M8PP1000 pc2,2 SEK3,6 SEK
4623732019M10PP2000 pc5 SEK6,7 SEK
4653802219M8PP1000 pc3,9 SEK6,3 SEK
4623742219M10PP1000 pc4,3 SEK7 SEK
4623752533M6Nylon750 pc7,6 SEK12 SEK
4653812519M8PP1000 pc1,8 SEK3 SEK
4653842519M10PP1000 pc1,7 SEK2,8 SEK
4653822819M8PP1000 pc4,8 SEK9,3 SEK
4653852819M10PP1000 pc2,3 SEK3,7 SEK
4653833019M8PP1000 pc2,3 SEK3,7 SEK
4653863019M10PP1000 pc4,8 SEK9,3 SEK
4623763218M8PP1000 pc7,1 SEK12 SEK
4653873219M10PP1000 pc5 SEK8 SEK
4653883520M10PP500 pc5,7 SEK9,3 SEK
4630102532M8Nylon750 pc7,1 SEK12 SEK
4623773825M10Nylon650 pc14 SEK23 SEK
4665613825M8Nylon750 pc3,9 SEK6,3 SEK
4623794019M10PP500 pc11 SEK19 SEK
4653894020M10PP1000 pc7 SEK11 SEK
4653904521M10PP500 pc9,2 SEK15 SEK
4623805020M8PP250 pc15 SEK25 SEK
4653915021M10PP500 pc6,8 SEK11 SEK

Material Key. PP= Polypropylene. HIPS= High-Impact Polystyrene

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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