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Heavy-Dutz Round Inserts

Heavy-Dutz Round Inserts

LDPE. Ideal ad heavy-duty feet for tubular products.

Black Inserts
best.nummerdimensionerst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
D (ins)D (mm)Lh (mm)
1990993/419,51,2-2,06,450001,2 SEK1,8 SEK
1991007/822,21,2-2,06,425001,1 SEK1,7 SEK
199085125,41,2-2,07,95006,1 SEK9,9 SEK
1990871 1/828,51,2-2,07,915006 SEK9,9 SEK
1990891 1/431,71,2-2,015,95005,9 SEK9,6 SEK

Coloured Inserts
best.nummerColordimensionerst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
D (mm)lh (mm)
464525Red19,51,2-2,06,450001,2 SEK1,6 SEK
464526Yellow19,51,2-2,06,450001,2 SEK1,6 SEK
464527White19,51,2-2,06,450001,2 SEK1,6 SEK
600304Green19,51,2-2,06,450000,76 SEK1,2 SEK
600305Blue19,51,2-2,06,450000,76 SEK1,2 SEK
468549Red22,21,2-2,06,425000,8 SEK1,3 SEK
468550Yellow22,21,2-2,06,425000,8 SEK1,3 SEK
468551White22,21,2-2,06,425000,8 SEK1,3 SEK
464524Green22,21,2-2,06,425001,1 SEK1,8 SEK
464616Blue22,21,2-2,06,425001,1 SEK1,8 SEK

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