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Industrial Castors - Black Rubber Tyre, Steel Centre Swivel Plate

Industrial Castors - Black Rubber Tyre, Steel Centre Swivel Plate

Natural Rubber Tyre, Zinc Plated Steel Housing and Wheel Centre

Suitable for heavier duty applications such as trolleys, cabinets, waste equipment & workstations. Zinc plated pressed steel housing with swivel plate fitting. Roller brearing for smooth motion.

best.nummerdimensioner (mm)Approximete
Load Capacity (kg)
Antal st per paketpris/paket/stPris per st
4911018097x8080x60259108322,55016 pc96 SEK157 SEK
49110210097x8080x60309127322,57012 pc95 SEK149 SEK
49110312597x8080x6037,59155312,511012 pc153 SEK239 SEK
491105150117x8580x604091715231406 pc167 SEK261 SEK
491104150133x106105x8040111845231506 pc188 SEK294 SEK
491106180129x106105x18045112304831804 pc247 SEK386 SEK
491107200129x106105x18050112404832202 pc270 SEK423 SEK

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