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Natural Rubber Tyre Swivel Plate Braked Castors

Natural Rubber Tyre Swivel Plate Braked Castors

Natural Rubber Tyre, Zinc Plated Steel Housing

Suitable for medical equipment, display cabinets, point- of-sale, educational furniture, computer & office furniture. Natural grey rubber tyre not resistant to contact with greases, oils and chloride. Comes with threadguards as standard. Swivel pressed steel housing with double ball race and bolt-hole fitting. Total stop brake locks wheel and swivel.

best.nummerdimensioner (mm)Approximete
Load Capacity (kg)
Antal st per paketpris/paket/stPris per st
491039604828201290846040 pc103 SEK169 SEK
4910408048252212109846032 pc94 SEK147 SEK
491041100573528121341068016 pc121 SEK190 SEK
491042125573328121591068012 pc141 SEK221 SEK

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