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Nylon Wheel Swivel Plate Unbraked Castors

Nylon Wheel Swivel Plate Unbraked Castors

Nylon Wheel, Zinc-Plated Steel Housing

Ideal for display units, restaurant equipment, trolleys, office & medical equipment. Good resistance to abrasion, petroleum & chemical agents. Double ball race swivel action.

best.nummerdimensioner (mm)Approximete
Load Capacity (kg)
Antal st per paketpris/paket/stPris per st
4910125060x6045x45186,5702625548 pc49 SEK80 SEK
4910136060x6045x45226,5902626036 pc60 SEK98 SEK
4910147560x6045x45236,51062526028 pc72 SEK118 SEK
4910158060x6045x45226,51092526028 pc64 SEK105 SEK
49101610076x7060x50278,31343628016 pc94 SEK155 SEK
49101712576x7060x50278,31593528014 pc97 SEK151 SEK

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