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Standard Machine Feet

Standard Machine Feet

Material: Nylon Base with Zinc Plated Steel Bolt. Ideal for mouting machinery or conveyers. High load bearing capacity.

Plain Nylon Base
best.nummerThreaddimensionerst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
Foot Dia.Stud Length
468564M840254046 SEK77 SEK
468565M840404051 SEK85 SEK
468566M840804056 SEK87 SEK
468567M850404055 SEK90 SEK
468568M850604054 SEK84 SEK
468569M850804059 SEK92 SEK
468570M1050454050 SEK79 SEK
468571M1050704056 SEK87 SEK
468572M1050904061 SEK96 SEK
468573M1060454056 SEK88 SEK
468574M1060704061 SEK95 SEK
468575M10601254074 SEK116 SEK
468576M1260662461 SEK95 SEK
468577M1260802465 SEK101 SEK
468578M12601002470 SEK109 SEK
468579M12601252475 SEK117 SEK
468580M12601502481 SEK127 SEK
468581M1280662479 SEK123 SEK
468582M12801002488 SEK137 SEK
468583M12801252493 SEK145 SEK
468584M12801502499 SEK155 SEK
468585M1680662096 SEK151 SEK
468586M168010020111 SEK173 SEK
468587M168015020133 SEK208 SEK
468588M161006620131 SEK205 SEK
468589M1610010020146 SEK228 SEK
468590M1610012520156 SEK243 SEK
468591M1610015020168 SEK263 SEK
468592M1610020020179 SEK281 SEK
468593M1612015020186 SEK292 SEK
468594M1612020020198 SEK309 SEK
468595M2012012512201 SEK314 SEK
468596M2012015012221 SEK346 SEK
468597M2012020012247 SEK386 SEK
468598M2412020012287 SEK449 SEK
468599M2412025012310 SEK485 SEK
Bolt Down Nylon Base
best.nummerThreaddimensionerst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
Foot Dia.Stud Length
468600M860804064 SEK100 SEK
468601M1060704061 SEK95 SEK
468602M10601254074 SEK116 SEK
468603M12801002488 SEK137 SEK
468604M12801502499 SEK155 SEK
468605M168010020111 SEK173 SEK
468606M168015020133 SEK208 SEK
468607M1210012520128 SEK200 SEK
468608M1610010020146 SEK228 SEK
468609M1610020020179 SEK281 SEK
468610M1612015020186 SEK292 SEK
468611M1612020020198 SEK309 SEK
468612M2012015048221 SEK346 SEK
468613M2412020040287 SEK449 SEK
Non-Split Feet
best.nummertypDiameter Foot i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
466652For Plain Base40408,3 SEK14 SEK
466653For Plain Base504013 SEK22 SEK
466654For Plain Base602418 SEK29 SEK
466655For Plain Base802030 SEK49 SEK
466656For Plain Base1002045 SEK74 SEK
466657For Plain Base1201260 SEK94 SEK
466660Bolt Down Nylon Base602418 SEK29 SEK
466661Bolt Down Nylon Base802030 SEK49 SEK
466662Bolt Down Nylon Base1002045 SEK74 SEK
466663Bolt Down Nylon Base1201260 SEK94 SEK

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