Varumärke ANACONDA
Articulating Adjustable Feet

Articulating Adjustable Feet

Black Polypropylene
Allow adjustment under load with base remaining stationary.

Stud LengthAntal st per paketpris/paket/stPris per st
465500M83030450 pc4 SEK6,5 SEK
465503M83080250 pc5,8 SEK8 SEK
465506M83830350 pc4,2 SEK7 SEK
465511M83840325 pc6,5 SEK11 SEK
465512M83880225 pc6 SEK8,2 SEK
465514M84840400 pc6 SEK12 SEK
465519M84850200 pc5,8 SEK9,5 SEK
465499M103030225 pc5,2 SEK8,5 SEK
465501M103040250 pc5,6 SEK9,3 SEK
465502M103050225 pc5,1 SEK8,4 SEK
466590M103070175 pc9,6 SEK13 SEK
465504M103830225 pc5,7 SEK9,4 SEK
466589M103840250 pc7,6 SEK12 SEK
465507M103850225 pc5,8 SEK9,4 SEK
465508M103880150 pc6,6 SEK11 SEK
465516M104830200 pc6,1 SEK10 SEK
465484M104840250 pc11 SEK18 SEK
465517M104850150 pc6,6 SEK11 SEK
465518M104860150 pc8,6 SEK12 SEK
465515M1048100100 pc8,5 SEK14 SEK
465505M123830150 pc5,9 SEK9,6 SEK
466594M123860150 pc11 SEK18 SEK
465509M123870100 pc8,6 SEK14 SEK
465510M123890100 pc9,6 SEK16 SEK
465522M125810075 pc14 SEK23 SEK

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