Indexed Clamping Handles

Indexed Clamping Handles

Operate by simple lift and rotate action. Include ratchet for use in tight spaces. Easy handle adjustment to safe position. Material: Glass Filled Nylon 6

best.nummermåttThreadstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
46629543261232M510 pc26 kr43 kr
46629643261232M610 pc21 kr35 kr
46629765371546M610 pc37 kr61 kr
46629865371546M810 pc37 kr61 kr
46629983461957M1010 pc43 kr70 kr
466300104512468M1210 pc74 kr122 kr

best.nummermåttThreadThread lengthstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
46667243261232M51010 pc37 kr61 kr
46667343261232M51510 pc46 kr63 kr
46630143261232M52010 pc46 kr75 kr
46667443261232M52510 pc41 kr66 kr
46667543261232M61010 pc34 kr55 kr
46667643261232M61510 pc35 kr58 kr
46630243261232M62010 pc43 kr70 kr
46667743261232M62510 pc38 kr62 kr
46642065371546M81010 pc38 kr62 kr
46642165371546M81610 pc46 kr63 kr
46630365371546M83010 pc32 kr53 kr
46630465371546M84010 pc32 kr53 kr
46642265371546M84510 pc39 kr64 kr
46668083461957M102010 pc33 kr54 kr
46630583461957M103010 pc42 kr68 kr
46630683461957M104010 pc42 kr68 kr
46668283461957M105010 pc40 kr66 kr
466423104512468M122010 pc71 kr112 kr
466307104512468M123510 pc71 kr117 kr
466424104512468M125010 pc76 kr120 kr
Female - High Visibility Orange
best.nummermåttThreadstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
46599943261232M510 pc26 kr43 kr
46600043261232M610 pc21 kr35 kr
46600165371546M610 pc37 kr61 kr
46600265371546M810 pc37 kr61 kr
46600383461957M1010 pc43 kr70 kr
466004104512468M1210 pc74 kr122 kr

Male- High Visibility Orange
best.nummermåttThreadThread lengthstycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
46600543261232M52010 pc46 kr75 kr
46600643261232M62010 pc43 kr70 kr
46600765371546M83010 pc32 kr53 kr
46600865371546M84010 pc32 kr53 kr
46600983461957M103010 pc42 kr68 kr
46601083461957M104010 pc42 kr68 kr
466011104512468M123510 pc71 kr117 kr

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