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Soft Touch Knobs

Soft Touch Knobs

Inner moulding: Polypropylene
Over moulding: TPE

Provides extra grip and high touch finish
Type 1 & 3 Insert material: Brass
Type 2 Stud material: Zinc Plated Steel

dimensioner (mm)Thread lengthAntal st per paketpris/paket/st Pris per st
4913131M52816121026-10 pc21 SEK35 SEK
4913151M52816121026-10 pc24 SEK39 SEK
4913231M84017181230-10 pc35 SEK58 SEK
4913291M65019211231-10 pc37 SEK61 SEK
4913311M85019211231-10 pc40 SEK65 SEK
4913361M86021231335-10 pc45 SEK74 SEK
4913381M106021231335-10 pc49 SEK81 SEK
4913172M528161210261010 pc15 SEK25 SEK
4913182M528161210261510 pc15 SEK25 SEK
4913192M528161210262010 pc15 SEK25 SEK
4913202M628161210261510 pc15 SEK25 SEK
4913212M628161210262010 pc15 SEK25 SEK
4913252M640171812292510 pc24 SEK39 SEK
4913262M840171812291610 pc16 SEK27 SEK
4913272M840171812292510 pc21 SEK34 SEK
4913282M840171812293510 pc16 SEK27 SEK
4913332M650192112313510 pc25 SEK41 SEK
4913342M850192112313510 pc26 SEK42 SEK
4913352M850192112314010 pc26 SEK43 SEK
4913402M860212313342010 pc31 SEK51 SEK
4913412M860212313343010 pc32 SEK52 SEK
4913422M1060212313343010 pc32 SEK53 SEK
4913143M52816121026-5 pc19 SEK37 SEK
4913163M62816121026-5 pc19 SEK32 SEK
4913223M64017181230-5 pc24 SEK39 SEK
4913243M84017181230-5 pc33 SEK53 SEK
4913303M65019211231-5 pc28 SEK47 SEK
4913323M85019211231-5 pc37 SEK61 SEK
4913373M86021231335-5 pc42 SEK70 SEK
4913393M106021231335-5 pc46 SEK76 SEK

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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