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Taper Knobs

Taper Knobs

Black Nylon 6. Durable with high impact resistance. Type 1: simple knock-on assembly. Type 2: moulded inner thread. Resistant to oils, fuels and greases.

best.nummertypdimensionerThread or Borest. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
4663771152010M5500 pc3,7 SEK6,1 SEK
4663781182512M6500 pc4,2 SEK6,8 SEK
4663791243316M8500 pc10 SEK17 SEK
4663801283818M10500 pc13 SEK22 SEK
4663811314321M12500 pc21 SEK35 SEK
4663722152010M5500 pc3,7 SEK6,1 SEK
4663732182512M6500 pc4,2 SEK6,8 SEK
4663742243316M8500 pc10 SEK17 SEK
4663752283818M10500 pc12 SEK19 SEK
4663762314321M12500 pc20 SEK33 SEK

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