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Handle Grips

Handle Grips

Black PVC. Broad range. Ideal for a variety of applications.

Type 1-12
best.nummerFits Tube Dia.typlängdst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
1013019,13/4175800 pc7,9 SEK13 SEK
1013122,27/8175400 pc6,4 SEK11 SEK
1016122,27/82105250 pc14 SEK23 SEK
1018819,13/42105250 pc22 SEK37 SEK
1018925,412105100 pc14 SEK23 SEK
1012625,413110250 pc12 SEK20 SEK
1015622,27/83110250 pc11 SEK17 SEK
50521*15,95/8475700 pc5,7 SEK11 SEK
5064019,13/4475600 pc6,6 SEK11 SEK
15358131/25108600 pc5,9 SEK9,7 SEK
PGWA-0159-40015,95/85400100 pc42 SEK70 SEK
1018619,13/46110400 pc8,4 SEK14 SEK
FCWA-0127-110131/27110600 pc4,1 SEK5,6 SEK
FCWA-0159-11015,95/871101000 pc4,1 SEK6,8 SEK
FCWA-0191-11019,13/47110800 pc5,3 SEK8,8 SEK
FCWA-0222-11022,27/87110250 pc5,9 SEK9,6 SEK
FCWA-0254-11025,417110250 pc6,9 SEK11 SEK
NGWA-0191-11019,13/48105300 pc16 SEK27 SEK
NGWA-0222-11022,27/88110300 pc21 SEK35 SEK
NGWA-254-11025,418110300 pc18 SEK29 SEK
PGWA-0191-40019,13/49400125 pc52 SEK82 SEK
HGWA-0222-15022,27/810150250 pc31 SEK50 SEK
HGWA-0254-15025,4110150250 pc35 SEK57 SEK
RGWA-0127-230131/211230400 pc38 SEK63 SEK
SGWA-0191-11019,13/412105300 pc17 SEK28 SEK
SGWA-0222-11022,27/812110300 pc23 SEK37 SEK
SGWA-0254-11025,4112110300 pc25 SEK42 SEK

* White flexible PVC.

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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