Equipment Handles - Two-Piece Design

Equipment Handles - Two-Piece Design

Black Aluminium Grip Bar, Glass-Reinforced Nylon Upper. Ideal for fitting to standard 19inch drawers.

best.nummertypmåttInstallation Typestycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
4633691@401231695588,1(2U)*110 pc137 SEK214 SEK
4633701@40123110288132,5(3U)*110 pc150 SEK234 SEK
4633711@401231114100132,5(3U)*110 pc155 SEK243 SEK
4633721@401231134120177(4U)*110 pc163 SEK249 SEK
4633731@401231194180221,5(5U)*110 pc189 SEK295 SEK
4633741@401231249235266(6U)*110 pc213 SEK333 SEK
4633752@401231655588,1(2U)*110 pc193 SEK302 SEK
4633762@4012319888132,5(3U)*110 pc205 SEK321 SEK
4633772@401231110100132,5(3U)*110 pc211 SEK330 SEK
4633782@401231130120177(4U)*110 pc217 SEK340 SEK
4633792@401231190180221,5(5U)*110 pc240 SEK375 SEK
4633802@401231245235266(6U)*110 pc260 SEK406 SEK
4633813@@401231705588,1(2U)*110 pc189 SEK295 SEK
4633823@@40123110388132,5(3U)*110 pc201 SEK314 SEK
4633833@@401231115100132,5(3U)*110 pc205 SEK320 SEK
4633843@@401231135120177(4U)*110 pc213 SEK334 SEK
4633853@@401231195180221,5(5U)*110 pc235 SEK368 SEK
4633863@@401231250235266(6U)*110 pc254 SEK397 SEK
4633871@401231432943,5(1U)*210 pc137 SEK214 SEK
4633881@40123187,573,588,1(2U)*210 pc144 SEK225 SEK
4633891@401231132118132,5(3U)*210 pc162 SEK253 SEK
4633901@401231176,5162,5177(4U)*210 pc181 SEK283 SEK
4633912@40123187,577,588,1(2U)*210 pc201 SEK315 SEK
4633922@401231132122132,5(3U)*210 pc218 SEK342 SEK
4633932@401231176,5166,5177(4U)*210 pc234 SEK366 SEK
4633943@@40123187,572,588,1(2U)*210 pc194 SEK304 SEK
4633953@@401231132117132,5(3U)*210 pc212 SEK332 SEK
4633963@@401231176,5161,5177(4U)*210 pc227 SEK355 SEK

* 1U = 44.45mm or 13/4inch.
@ Fitting for Type 1 and 2; M5 female-threaded blind brass bus.
@@ Fitting for Type 3; supplied with socket head cap screws M5 x 45 and self-locking nuts

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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