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Stainless Steel Handles

Stainless Steel Handles

Semi-Matt Stainless Steel. Type 1 - High corrosive and chemical resistance. Blind female thread. Supplied complete with high-grade stainless steel hex head setscrews and washers. Type 2 - Front mouting. Supplied complete with high-grade stainless steel hexagon socket screws, nuts and washers. Type 3 - As Type 2 but rear mounting. Fitting with blind female thread. Supplied complete with high-grade hex setscrew and washers.

best.nummertypdimensionerThreadst. i förp.pris/st
4633081403210012M5x101 pc478 SEK
4633091403212012M5x101 pc503 SEK
4633101403215012M5x101 pc540 SEK
4633111403218012M5x101 pc558 SEK
4633121403225012M5x101 pc661 SEK
4633131403235012M5x101 pc784 SEK
4633141453510019,5M6x121 pc538 SEK
4633151453512019,5M6x121 pc568 SEK
4633161453515019,5M6x121 pc613 SEK
4633171453518019,5M6x121 pc640 SEK
4633181453525019,5M6x121 pc763 SEK
4633191453535019,5M6x121 pc916 SEK
4633202453314025M8x181 pc3712 SEK
4633212584318032M10x201 pc4978 SEK
4633222453314025M8x301 pc3847 SEK
4633232584318032M10x401 pc5205 SEK

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