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Raised Corner Hinges

Raised Corner Hinges

Body: Black Finish Die-Cast Zinc Alloy and Steel or PA 6 and Steel
Pin: Steel
Hinge rotation angle of 180°. Suitable for machine covers and electric panels.

best.nummertypFinishStyleAntal st per paketpris/paket/stPris per st
4918671Zinc Alloy and SteelM5 Stud25 pc96 SEK157 SEK
4918681Plastic and SteelM5 Stud25 pc80 SEK132 SEK
4918692Zinc Alloy and SteelM5 Stud25 pc103 SEK169 SEK
4918702Zinc Alloy and SteelHoles25 pc96 SEK157 SEK
4918713Zinc Alloy and SteelHoles25 pc96 SEK157 SEK

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