Concealed Hinges

Concealed Hinges

Zinc Plated Steel or Stainless Steel AISI 304
Left-hand and right-hand application is possible. Ideal for metal enclosures and machinery covers. Spring-loaded hinge for easy door removal
Type 1-6: Hinge rotational angle of 120°
Type 7: Hinge rotational agle of 135°
Type 8 & 9: Suitable for internally mounted doors

Material: förzinkat stål
best.nummertypL(mm)Antal st. per paketpris/paket/pcPris per st.
491854120100 pc90 SEK147 SEK
491855124100 pc90 SEK147 SEK
491856220100 pc90 SEK147 SEK
491857224100 pc90 SEK147 SEK
491858320100 pc90 SEK147 SEK
491859324100 pc92 SEK152 SEK
491860420100 pc92 SEK152 SEK
491861424100 pc92 SEK152 SEK
4918625-100 pc81 SEK133 SEK
4918636-100 pc85 SEK139 SEK
4918647-100 pc92 SEK152 SEK
4918658-50 pc38 SEK63 SEK
4918669-50 pc49 SEK80 SEK

Rostfritt stål
best.nummertypL(mm)Antal st. per paketPrice for
package (pc)
Pris per st.
491913120100 pc135 SEK211 SEK
491914124100 pc135 SEK211 SEK
491915220100 pc135 SEK211 SEK
491916224100 pc135 SEK211 SEK
491917320100 pc135 SEK211 SEK
491918324100 pc139 SEK218 SEK
491919420100 pc139 SEK218 SEK
491920424100 pc139 SEK218 SEK
4919215-100 pc108 SEK169 SEK
4919226-100 pc112 SEK176 SEK
4919237-100 pc202 SEK316 SEK
4919248-50 pc64 SEK105 SEK
4919259-50 pc103 SEK168 SEK

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