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Cams for Quarter Turns

Cams for Quarter Turns

Material: förzinkat stål
Suitable for all standard quarter turns and cam locks. Provide alternative grip range if used with pre-assembled locks.

Cam 1: 45mm
best.nummertypdimensioner (mm)Antal st per paketpris/paket/stPris per st
HGrip Rangetjocklek
4914401321,5*4250 pc10 kr17 kr
4914411422,5*4250 pc10 kr17 kr
4914421-216,5*4250 pc10 kr17 kr
4914431-612,5*4250 pc10 kr17 kr
4914441-810,5*4250 pc10 kr17 kr

Cam 2: 35mm
best.nummertypdimensioner (mm)Antal st per paketPrice for
package (pc)
Pris per st
HGrip Rangetjocklek
49144821028,5*4250 pc10 kr17 kr
4914472624,5*4250 pc10 kr17 kr
4914462018,5*4250 pc10 kr17 kr
4914452-216,5*4250 pc10 kr17 kr

*Cams in the table can be used with Cylinder Cam Locks; T&L Handle Locks; Quarter Turn Latch with Wing Knob; Qtr Turn Latch with Wingknob - Long Housing; Slam Shut Quarter Turn; Quarter Turn Latches with Spring; IP 65 Quarter Turns with Dust Cap; Swing Handles; Stainless Steel Qtr Turn with Spring

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