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Ribbed Pull Plug

Ribbed Pull Plug

Black EPDM
Suitable for painting or powder coating applications. Fits a range of sizes due to ribbed design. Pull-tab allows plug to be pushed into hole and pulled out after use.

best.nummerdimensioner (mm)Antal st per paketpris/paket/stPris per st
4916413,05,02,01000 pc1,8 SEK2,9 SEK
4916425,07,03,01000 pc2,4 SEK3,9 SEK
4916439,011,05,0500 pc3 SEK4,9 SEK
4916447,09,04,0500 pc3,7 SEK6 SEK
49164511,013,06,0500 pc4,2 SEK8,3 SEK
49164613,015,015,0500 pc5 SEK8,3 SEK
49164715,017,08,0400 pc6 SEK9,8 SEK
49164817,019,09,0400 pc7 SEK11 SEK
49164919,021,010,0400 pc7,9 SEK13 SEK
49165021,023,011,0300 pc8,8 SEK15 SEK
49165123,025,012,0200 pc10 SEK16 SEK

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