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High-Temperature Cone Caps/Plugs - EPDM

High-Temperature Cone Caps/Plugs - EPDM

Black EPDM. Versatile dual role: cap masks exposed studs; plug masks exposed holes. As plug, components can be held by painting hooks.

best.nummerdimensionerst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
46189412,73,36,3231000 pc0,84 SEK1,4 SEK
46189512,75,5825,41000 pc0,92 SEK1,5 SEK
46189615,94,58,525,41000 pc1,5 SEK2,3 SEK
46189716,5510281000 pc1,5 SEK2,4 SEK
46189816,15,810,127,91000 pc1,3 SEK2,3 SEK
46189919,1814361000 pc2,3 SEK3,8 SEK
46190024,911,517,538,1250 pc3,1 SEK5 SEK
46190127,913,519,551200 pc4,1 SEK6,6 SEK
46190225,414,820,849200 pc4 SEK6,5 SEK
46190331162253200 pc4,6 SEK7,6 SEK

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