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Paper Tapered Cap

Paper Tapered Cap

Grepe Paper
Suitable for painting or powder coating applications. Can withstand temperatures up to 205°C. Cost-effective alternative to silicone. Made from a blend of post-consumer and virgin matrerials. Recyclable.

best.nummerdimensioner (mm)Antal st per paketpris/paket/stPris per st
4915309,010,110,12500 pc0,55 kr1,2 kr
49153111,912,413,52000 pc0,71 kr1,2 kr
49153212,319,022,42900 pc0,97 kr1,6 kr
49153316,516,513,12000 pc0,71 kr1,4 kr
49153419,721,219,51000 pc1,2 kr1,4 kr
49153520,624,221,2500 pc0,97 kr1,6 kr
49153624,127,322,5500 pc1,1 kr1,8 kr
49153728,633,018,2500 pc1,2 kr2 kr
49153832,232,325,3300 pc1,8 kr3,6 kr
49153933,338,617,8200 pc1,6 kr2,6 kr
49154036,741,220,6200 pc1,7 kr2,8 kr
49154141,042,821,5300 pc2,3 kr3,7 kr
49154242,551,118,3250 pc2,4 kr3,9 kr
49154346,448,023,9180 pc3,1 kr4,3 kr
49154459,159,522,0140 pc3,1 kr5,1 kr
49154565,772,324,5100 pc3,4 kr5,5 kr
49154671,872,324,6100 pc3,6 kr5,9 kr
49154784,292,228,3100 pc5,5 kr9,1 kr

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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