High-Temperature Tubing

High-Temperature Tubing

Marerial: Natural Silicone Rubber. Excellent solution for masking long studs and pins where caps are too short. Standard wall thickness - 1,6 mm. Supplied on a roll.

best.nummerd (mm)stycken i förp.pris/paket/pcpris/st.
461431110x1m22 kr36 kr
4614321,610x1m26 kr43 kr
461433210x1m30 kr49 kr
4614342,410x1m32 kr53 kr
4614352,810x1m35 kr57 kr
4614363,210x1m45 kr62 kr
4614373,610x1m41 kr67 kr
461438410x1m43 kr71 kr
4614394,410x1m45 kr74 kr
4614404,710x1m49 kr80 kr
4614415,210x1m51 kr84 kr
4614425,510x1m65 kr89 kr
4614435,910x1m57 kr94 kr
4614446,410x1m59 kr98 kr
4614457,110x1m65 kr107 kr
4614467,910x1m70 kr116 kr
4614478,710x1m75 kr124 kr
4614489,510x1m71 kr111 kr
46144910,310x1m75 kr118 kr
46145011,110x1m80 kr125 kr
46145112,710x1m89 kr140 kr
46145215,910x1m50 kr82 kr
46145319,110x1m126 kr197 kr
46145422,210x1m144 kr226 kr
46145523,810x1m153 kr240 kr
46145625,410x1m163 kr254 kr
46145728,65x1m181 kr283 kr
46145934,95x1m217 kr339 kr
46146038,15x1m235 kr368 kr
46146141,35x1m253 kr397 kr
46146244,55x1m271 kr425 kr
46146347,65x1m290 kr453 kr
46146450,85x1m308 kr481 kr

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