High-Temperature Flangeless Plugs

High-Temperature Flangeless Plugs

Natural Silicone Rubber. Designed to mask holes without masking the surrounding area. Tapered rings and hollow core allow many different areas to be masked. Pull-tab allows easy installation and removal.

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4614656425,410006,5 SEK8,1 SEK
4614668625,410007,6 SEK11 SEK
46146710825,410003 SEK5 SEK
4614681210255003,4 SEK6,5 SEK
461469141225,45003,9 SEK6,5 SEK
461470161425,42004,1 SEK6,8 SEK
461471181625,42005,4 SEK8,7 SEK
461472201825,42006,5 SEK11 SEK
461473242025,42007,1 SEK12 SEK
4614742422,525,42008,8 SEK14 SEK
461475262425,410027 SEK40 SEK
461476282625,410013 SEK21 SEK
46147728,625,425,410027 SEK41 SEK
46147832,828,625,410032 SEK49 SEK
49168010,54,825,410004,7 SEK7,6 SEK
49168116,310,525,45009,5 SEK16 SEK
4916822216,325,410015 SEK24 SEK
49168327,82225,410022 SEK35 SEK
49168433,527,825,410029 SEK47 SEK
49168539,333,525,410037 SEK60 SEK
49168645,139,325,410044 SEK73 SEK
49168750,845,125,410051 SEK84 SEK

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