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Self-Adhesive Flange Discs

Self-Adhesive Flange Discs

Black Rubber. Provide full flange face protection. Protect both DIN and ANSI flange specifications. Ozone and weather resistant. Withstand temperatures up to +100°C. Resistant to petrol, oil and non-oxidisation acids. Available with holes for internal bore sand blasting. Standard thickness 1,5 mm.

best.nummerdiameter [mm]Disc Diameterpris/st
483261/2"363,6 SEK
483273/4"455,5 SEK
483281"549,3 SEK
483291 1/2"7512 SEK
483302"9522 SEKč
483313"13032 SEK
483324"16051 SEK
483335"20061 SEK
483346"22092 SEK
483358"275146 SEK
4833610"330210 SEK
4833712"390296 SEK
4833814"415335 SEK
4833916"475444 SEK
4834018"540574 SEK
4834120"590685 SEK
4834224"700964 SEK

All ANSI flange discs suitable for series pressure group (lbs) 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500 and 2500.

best.nummerdiameter [mm]Disc DiameterSeries Pressure Group (Bar)pris/st
48311DN 10406,10,16,25,40,643,1 SEK
48312DN 15456,10,16,25,40,644,6 SEK
48313DN 20586,10,16,25,40,648,8 SEK
48314DN 25686,10,16,25,40,6410 SEK
48315DN 32786,10,16,25,40,6414 SEK
48316DN 40886,10,16,25,40,6416 SEK
48317DN 501026,10,16,25,40,6425 SEK
48318DN 651226,10,16,25,40,6433 SEK
48319DN 801386,10,16,25,40,6436 SEK
48320DN 1001586,10,16,25,40,6444 SEK
48321DN 1251886,10,16,25,40,64,100,16066 SEK
48322DN 1502126,10,16,25,40,64,100,16058 SEK
48323DN 2002686,10,16,25,40,64,100,16084 SEK

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