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Edge Protectors

Edge Protectors

best.nummerColorDesignationStrap Widthdimensionermaterialst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
110243BlackNot Slot18304025LDPE2000 pc0,76 SEK1,2 SEK
110244BlackSlot18304025LDPE2000 pc0,76 SEK1,2 SEK
110247BlackNot Slot18304025Polypropylene2000 pc1,3 SEK2,3 SEK
110248BlackSlot18304025Polypropylene2000 pc1,2 SEK2,2 SEK
110245BlackNot Slot28404040LDPE1000 pc1,3 SEK2,3 SEK
110246BlackSlot28404040LDPE1000 pc1,3 SEK2,2 SEK
110249BlackNot Slot28404040Polypropylene1000 pc2,2 SEK3,6 SEK
110250BlackSlot28404040Polypropylene1000 pc2,2 SEK3,5 SEK

Standard Edge Protectors. LDPE or PPCP. Popular protection for plastic strapping.

best.nummerColorStrap Widthdimensionermaterialst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
51563Natural1926,333,326,3LDPE2000 pc1,8 SEK2,8 SEK
12660Natural2429,429,321,9LDPE2000 pc1,5 SEK3,1 SEK
10180Natural2844,345,227LDPE1000 pc1,7 SEK3,3 SEK
802802Black2844,345,227LDPE2000 pc1,3 SEK2,2 SEK
10278Natural28,343,643,728,4PPCP1000 pc3,1 SEK5 SEK
51564Natural28,343,643,728,4LDPE2000 pc2,8 SEK4,6 SEK
800234Black28,343,643,728,4LDPE1000 pc3,3 SEK5,5 SEK
89395*Natural35,848,464,745,8LDPE600 pc4,6 SEK7,6 SEK

* Slot

Heavy-Duty Slotted Edge Protectors. Natural LDPE or Linear LDPE. Suits wide range of sizes and styles or strapping and webbing.

best.nummerColorDesignationStrap Widthdimensionermaterialst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
803759NaturalSlot5565,365,746,2LDPE1000 pc5 SEK8,1 SEK
12507NaturalSlot5565,365,746,2LLDPE500 pc6,9 SEK11 SEK

Angled Protection Strip. Black LDPE. Ideal for exposed corners on palletised goods. Supplied in one metre lengths.

best.nummerColorStrap Widthmaterialst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
39856Black25,4LDPE50x1 m1891 SEK2958 SEK

Protection Band. Blue HDPE. Made for steel strapping. Flexible to fit curved and irregular-shaped items.

best.nummerColorDesignationStrap Widthlängdmaterialst. i förp.pris/paket/stpris/st
10203BlueSlot19132HDPE1000 pc3,7 SEK6,1 SEK

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