Hexagon screw - DIN 571

Hexagon screw - DIN 571

This product is not for sale! Binding material.

Material: förzinkat stål
Surface treatment: zinc coated by galvanizing

best.nummermåttstycken i förp.pris/st.
OVRSHW1000006406x40 ZB5000,48 kr
OVRSHW1000006456x45 ZB5000,48 kr
OVRSHW1000006506x50 ZB5000,6 kr
OVRSHW1000006606x60 ZB5000,72 kr
OVRSHW1000006706x70 ZB1000,96 kr
OVRSHW1000006806x80 ZB1001,4 kr
OVRSHW1000061006x100 ZB1001,1 kr
OVRSHW1000008408x40 ZB1000,9 kr
OVRSHW1000008458x45 ZB1000,96 kr
OVRSHW1000008508x50 ZB2001,1 kr
OVRSHW1000008608x60 ZB1001,3 kr
OVRSHW1000008708x70 ZB1001,4 kr
OVRSHW1000008808x80 ZB1001,6 kr
OVRSHW1000008908x90 ZB1001,7 kr
OVRSHW1000081008x100 ZB1001,9 kr
OVRSHW1000081208x120 ZB252,3 kr
OVRSHW1000081408x140 ZB252,8 kr
OVRSHW1000081608x160 ZB253,7 kr
OVRSHW10000106010x60 ZB502,2 kr
OVRSHW10000107010x70 ZB502,5 kr
OVRSHW10000108010x80 ZB502,6 kr
OVRSHW10000109010x90 ZB502,7 kr
OVRSHW10001010010x100 ZB503,4 kr
OVRSHW10001012010x120 ZB504 kr
OVRSHW10001013010x130 ZB503,4 kr
OVRSHW10001014010x140 ZB504,7 kr

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