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Countersunk screw - all thread

Countersunk screw - all thread

This product is not for sale! Binding material.

Material: förzinkat stål
Surface treatment: zinc coated by galvanizing

best.nummerdimensionerst. i förp.pris/st
OCZZHW1000030303,0x30 ZH PZ ZZ10000,08 SEK
OCZZHW1000030403,0x40 ZH PZ ZZ10000,08 SEK
OCZZHW1000035203,5x20 ZH PZ ZZ10000,04 SEK
OCZZHW1000035253,5x25 ZH PZ ZZ10000,08 SEK
OCZZHW1000035303,5x30 ZH PZ ZZ10000,08 SEK
OCZZHW1003535243,5x35/24 ZH PZ ZZ10000,08 SEK
OCZZHW1000035403,5x40 ZH PZ ZZ10000,08 SEK
OCZZHW1003545303,5x45/30 ZH PZ ZZ10000,13 SEK
OCZZHW1000035503,5x50 ZH PZ ZZ10000,13 SEK
OCZZHW1000004204,0x20 ZH PZ ZZ10000,08 SEK
OCZZHW1000004304,0x30 ZH PZ ZZ10000,08 SEK
OCZZHW1000004404,0x40 ZH PZ ZZ5000,13 SEK
OCZZHW1000004454,0x45 ZH PZ ZZ5000,13 SEK
OCZZHW1000004504,0x50 ZH PZ ZZ5000,17 SEK
OCZZHW1000004554,0x55 ZH PZ ZZ5000,17 SEK
OCZZHW1000045164,5x16 ZH PZ ZZ10,08 SEK
OCZZHW1000045254,5x25 ZH PZ ZZ10,13 SEK
OCZZHW1000045304,5x30 ZH PZ ZZ10,13 SEK
OCZZHW1000045354,5x35 ZH PZ ZZ10,13 SEK
OCZZHW1004540244,5x40/24 ZH PZ ZZ10,17 SEK
OCZZHW1000045504,5x50 ZH PZ ZZ10,21 SEK
OCZZHW1000045604,5x60 ZH PZ ZZ10,21 SEK
OCZZHW1004570424,5x70/42 ZH PZ ZZ10,25 SEK
OCZZHW1004580504,5x80/50 ZH PZ ZZ10,29 SEK
OCZZHW1000005255x25 ZH PZ ZZ5000,13 SEK
OCZZHW1000005405x40 ZH PZ ZZ5000,21 SEK
OCZZHW1000005505x50 ZH PZ ZZ PZ25000,21 SEK
OCZZHW1000005605x60 ZH PZ ZZ2000,25 SEK
OCZZHW1000005705x70 ZH PZ ZZ2000,29 SEK
OCZZHW1000580505x80/50 ZH PZ ZZ PZ21000,38 SEK
OCZZHW1005100605x100/60 ZH (ZC)PZ ZZ500,55 SEK
OCZZHW1005120705x120/70 ZH (ZC)PZ ZZ500,76 SEK
OCZZHW1000006406x40 ZH PZ ZZ PZ35000,29 SEK
OCZZHW1000006456x45 ZH PZ ZZ PZ35000,34 SEK
OCZZHW1000006506x50 ZH PZ ZZ PZ35000,34 SEK
OCZZHW1000006606x60 ZH PZ ZZ PZ32000,38 SEK
OCZZHW1000670426x70/42 ZH PZ ZZ PZ32000,46 SEK
OCZZHW1000680506x80/50 ZH PZ ZZ PZ31000,5 SEK
OCZZHW1000690606x90/60 ZH PZ ZZ PZ31000,59 SEK

Prices are without VAT. If specified order number, please, it will add it to the selected type of goods. We will be glad to send you any quantity. In case of large subscriptions, please contact us.

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