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Threaded bar DIN 975 1M

Threaded bar DIN 975 1M

This product is not for sale! Binding material.

Zinc Plated

best.nummerdimensionerThreadst. i förp.pris/st
OZATYW1000000M6M6x1000 mmZB 4,8M61004,1 kr
OZATYW1000000M8M8x1000 mm ZB 4,8M8505,8 kr
OZATYW100000M10M10x1000 mm ZB 4,8M10258,9 kr
OZATYW100000M12M12x1000 mm ZB 4,8M122013 kr
OZATYW100000M14M14x1000 mm ZB 4,8M141022 kr
OZATYW100000M16M16x1000 mm ZB 4,8M161025 kr
OZATYW100000M20M20x1000 mm ZB 4,8M20541 kr
OZATYW100000M24M24x1000 mm ZB 4,8M24560 kr
OZATYW100000M27M27x1000 mm ZB 4,8M27581 kr
OZATYW100000M30M30x1000 mm ZB 4,8M30587 kr

Rostfritt stål

best.nummerdimensionerThreadst. i förp.pris/st
OZATYW4000000M6M6x1000 mmM610021 kr
OZATYW4000000M8M8x1000 mmM85034 kr
OZATYW400000M10M10x1000 mmM102552 kr
OZATYW400000M12M12x1000 mmM122078 kr
OZATYW400000M14M14x1000 mmM1410117 kr
OZATYW400000M16M16x1000 mmM1610132 kr
OZATYW400000M20M20x1000 mmM205236 kr

DIN 975 2M,Zinc Plated

best.nummerdimensionerThreadst. i förp.pris/st
OTYZAW1000000M8M8x2000 mm ZB 4,8M82512 kr
OTYZAW100000M10M10x2000 mm ZB 4,8M102518 kr
OTYZAW100000M12M12x2000 mm ZB 4,8M122028 kr
OTYZAW100000M14M14x2000 mm ZB 4,8M141056 kr
OTYZAW100000M16M16x2000 mm ZB 4,8M161065 kr
OTYZAW100000046M1/2"x2000 mm ZB 4,6M1610369 kr

DIN 975 3M, Zinc Plated

best.nummerdimensionerThreadst. i förp.pris/st
OZAVTW1000000M8M8x3000 mm ZB 4,8M82523 kr
OZAVTW100000M10M10x3000 mm ZB 4,8M102532 kr
OZAVTW100000M12M12x3000 mm ZB 4,8M122056 kr
OZAVTW100000M14M14x3000 mm ZB 4,8M1410111 kr
OZAVTW100000M16M16x3000 mm ZB 4,8M1610115 kr

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