Assembly ST, Assembly ST Plus with spring

Assembly ST, Assembly ST Plus with spring

Material: förzinkat stål

best.nummerArtikelnamnThreadlängdfor profilestycken i förp.pris/st.
OSTSEW1400000M8Sestava STM84041/21+41/41+41/621007,5 SEK
OSTSEW1500000M8Sestava STM85041/21+41/41+41/621007,8 SEK
OSTSEW1800000M8Sestava STM88041/21+41/41+41/621008,1 SEK
OSTSEW140000M10Sestava STM104041/21+41/41+41/621008,9 SEK
OSTSEW160000M10Sestava STM106041/21+41/41+41/621009,2 SEK
OSTSEW180000M10Sestava STM108041/21+41/41+41/621009,3 SEK
OSTSEW140000M12Sestava STM124041/21+41/41+41/625010 SEK
OSTSEW160000M12Sestava STM126041/21+41/41+41/625010 SEK

best.nummerArtikelnamnThreadlängdfor profilestycken i förp.pris/st.
OSTPRW1400000M8Sestava ST Plus s pružinouM84041/21+41/41+41/621007,9 SEK
OSTPRW1500000M8Sestava ST Plus s pružinouM85041/21+41/41+41/621008,2 SEK
OSTPRW1800000M8Sestava ST Plus s pružinouM88041/21+41/41+41/621008,6 SEK
OSTPRW140000M10Sestava ST Plus s pružinouM104041/21+41/41+41/621009,3 SEK
OSTPRW160000M10Sestava ST Plus s pružinouM106041/21+41/41+41/621009,6 SEK
OSTPRW180000M10Sestava ST Plus s pružinouM108041/21+41/41+41/621009,7 SEK
OSTPRW140000M12Sestava ST Plus s pružinouM124041/21+41/41+41/625010 SEK
OSTPRW160000M12Sestava ST Plus s pružinouM126041/21+41/41+41/625011 SEK

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