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Hose Protector

Hose Protector

Black, Orange and Yellow PVC. Protects hose against point of contact wear with abrasive surfaces. Very durable material with high wear factor. Moulded grooves designed to fit with cable ties. Easy to assemble and remove. Typically used on hydraulic hoses, fuel and oil lines, brake systems, wiring harnesses and battery cables.

Color (best.nummer)längdAntal st per paketpris/paket/stPris per st
6006206006216006224"101,650 pc20 SEK33 SEK
6006236006246006256"152,450 pc32 SEK52 SEK
6006266006276006288"203,250 pc42 SEK68 SEK
60062960063060063110"25450 pc52 SEK85 SEK
60076260076360076412"304,850 pc61 SEK100 SEK

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