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Spiral Guard®FRAS

Spiral Guard®FRAS

Black HDPE. Flame Retardant Anti-Static Spiral Guard® Tested and approved in accordance with the former British Coal specification 182: 1986, satisfying the requirements of the non-metallics scheme for use underground. International Standard: ISO 6805.

best.nummerinvändig diameterWrappping RangeHose Inside Diameter1-Wire2-WireMulti SpiralDash Sizemeters in the packagepris/st
SGX-16FRAS1313-17mm1/4"YesYesNo420m1037 SEK
SGX-20FRAS1616-22mm1/4"NoYesNo420m1508 SEK
SGX-25FRAS2122-28mm1/2"YesYesYes820m2148 SEK
SGX-32FRAS2727-33mm5/8"YesYesYes1020m3299 SEK
SGX-40FRAS3333-44mm1"YesYesYes1620m4571 SEK
SGX-50FRAS4444-65mm1/4"YesYesYes2020m6503 SEK
SGX-75FRAS6565-90mm2"YesYesYes3220m9330 SEK
SGX-90FRAS80Hose Looms 80mm-200mm20m11686 SEK

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